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How Thermal Imaging Security Cameras Can Change the Fight Against COVID-19

When thermal imaging security cameras were developed, the potential for a global pandemic may not have been a consideration. Still, they do have valid uses in efforts to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Most recently, thermal imaging security cameras were used in a Samsung event in San Francisco. The company used a thermal camera to detect body temperatures of passing attendees. This data was fed to a computer that would alert a technician if an elevated temperature was noted. The idea was to take this data point, which could indicate a COVID-19 infection and investigate further.

Thermal imaging software is highly accurate – able to detect temperature variations as small as one-half a degree Fahrenheit. With no vaccine immediately available, governments and businesses are looking to this technology with a mind toward resuming business as safely as possible.


The Advantages Of Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging security cameras are accurate and under most conditions and minimally invasive. They can be deployed at a distance and information is available in real-time. No personnel needs to be put at risk by being in close contact with an infected person. Using this technology doesn’t require much trained beyond what a remote video security guard would already receive. Best of all, once the pandemic has passed, security cameras are still useful for monitoring if intruders in buildings or areas should be vacant. Businesses are not wasting money on single-use technology.


The Disadvantages Of Thermal Imaging

This technology is most accurate under ideal conditions. There can be a variety of factors that can throw off a reading. Thermal imaging security cameras work by measuring the temperature of the surface of facial skin. If a person has entered a building from bitter cold or extreme heat, or just came in from a lunchtime run, the reading could be thrown off completely.


Should thermal imaging be part of your security strategy?

Whether you’re concerned about the spread of COVID-19 or wish to keep your employees, customers, and business secure, thermal imaging is a useful tool. For a full security assessment of your facility, contact the specialists at BOS Security. Our goal is to help you sleep better every night.

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