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What I Do Matters: Casey Swindle

Travelers flying out of Tupelo Regional Airport in Tupelo, Mississippi, can rest easy knowing their safety and security are in the hands of Transportation Security Officer Casey Swindle. Officer Swindle isn’t simply good at what he does, he is dedicated to ensuring the safety of every passenger flying out of the Tupelo Airport. After seven years in transportation security, Officer Swindle takes pride in knowing those who come through his airport are protected in the best possible way.

Casey Swindle grew up in nearby Golden, Mississippi, just under an hour north east of where he now resides. Although Officer Swindle now calls Tupelo home, his family and friends remain a very important part of his life. When he isn’t working, Casey Swindle enjoys spending his free time with family and with friends, old and new.

Frustrations of Airport Security

Whether a novice to air travel or a well-seasoned pro, airport security can be a double-edged sword. While everyone understands safety is and should be, priority one, the hassle of navigating airport security can be overwhelming even at Tupelo Regional. Officer Swindle understands the frustration many passengers feel when asked to follow security protocol, but wants the flying public to know it’s for their benefit.

“I try my best to get through to them, as nicely as I can, that our security procedures are for their safety and protection. Not to ruin their day.” explains Officer Swindle

Although the job itself can be fraught with challenges, Officer Swindle takes even the most difficult interactions with passengers in stride. As a member of a team Officer Swindle understands security personnel must rely on each other and work together to keep every one of the passengers who come through Tupelo’s terminal confident that their safety is well in hand.

What I Do Matters Because

“Protecting the flying public, keeping them safe, is important for everyone. A lot of passengers we see might never have flown before and may not know, or understand, the rules. It’s up to us to help them understand airport security is for everyone’s safety. It’s nothing personal.”

The Most Rewarding Part of My Job

“Knowing that people can count on me, and count on our team, not just to keep them safe but to put a smile on their faced help them have a better day. We know security can be a hassle so if I can make their experience as pleasant as possible, the makes me feel better.”

What Are You Most Proud of At Work?

Knowing I did a job well done m makes me proud. Being thorough in all aspects of the job, keeping passengers happy, and helping them understand everything we do is for their benefit makes me very proud.”

And knowing there’s someone on the job like Transportation Security Officer Casey Swindle makes air travel easy.


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