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What is Mass Surveillance?

Mass Surveillance

Mass surveillance is when a large population is being watched in some manner by a large entity such as a corporation or government. It can include closed-circuit television (CCTV), thermal cameras, tracking of internet usage, contract tracking, wiretapping, email hacking, etc. Basically, any method of monitoring what someone is doing, where they are going, and who they are meeting. Commonly this is used in law enforcement applications, but in the time of the pandemic, new reasons are being identified.


Internet makes surveillance simpler

A growing method of surveillance is conducted via the internet, sometimes accidentally consensually by those who do not read the terms and conditions of the products and services they use. Let’s be honest – that’s most of us. GPS provides data on where vehicles go, as well as smartphones and even individuals, because so many wear some type of fitness tracker whenever they leave the house. Cookies follow users all over the internet, tracking which sites they visit, how long they spend there, and what actions they take. Smartphones do all of the above as well and with the rise of contact-tracking software-driven by the desire to track the spread of the Coronavirus. If you wish to meet a friend in private, you will need to leave your smartphone at home. But is that enough?


Camera use is growing

Probably not. The use of surveillance cameras, common in many countries, is growing more widespread in the United States. Right now, it’s a patchwork of commercial and government-owned equipment. Cameras are commonly found on traffic lights and tollbooths, ostensibly to identify traffic violations, but once the footage has been gathered, it can be accessed by law enforcement for a variety of reasons. Businesses such as banks, gas stations, and shopping districts often have cameras of their own, which they can use for security purposes, but can also be subpoenaed with cause.

Camera quality is improving, as well. Poorly focused, black, and white convenience store security footage has been replaced in many cases with motion-activated and infrared technology that makes it easier to accurately identify individuals.


What does this all mean?

On the one hand, widespread mass surveillance does have a “big brother” quality to it, but on the other, it makes it easier for security professionals to do their jobs effectively. Surveillance can stop intruders before they have the opportunity to enter the property. It also gives remote security monitoring companies the tools and information they need to keep people and property safe from a central location that could be thousands of miles away.


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