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Facial Recognition and Masks… How Does That Work?

Facial Recognition Security Technology

As recently as a few months ago, we thought facial recognition software was the ultimate in cutting edge technology. Individuals used it to access their smartphones; companies used it to control access to property and law enforcement used it to track down offenders. What happens now when most people will have a significant portion of their faces covered with a mask? It presents difficulties because the structure of the jaw and the folds around the mouth and nose are part of what facial recognition software analyzes when trying to make a match.


Will facial recognition software still work? What other options are there?

Looking to China can provide more information to work with. They had the Coronavirus first from what we can tell right now, the usage of masks is more commonplace since they have experienced several previous virus outbreaks and facial recognition software has been used for some time there.


Update your database

If facial recognition is used for employees to gain access to the building, to open specific software or devices or to control who is able to enter restricted areas, you probably already have a database of employees and vendors who are authorized. Some Chinese facial recognition software has been able to adapt by taking photos of the employees wearing different types of masks.


Exclude rather than include

Because it will be difficult to accurately identify people from just the top portion of their faces, it’s best to err on the side of caution when it comes to allowing access to the facility. It may inconvenience employees to be pulled aside and double-checked, but they will have to adapt. Back up methods of verification can be employed for those who don’t match immediately, such as fingerprint matching, biometrics, or even challenge questions.



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