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Is Remote Guarding the Only Security Option During a Pandemic Like COVID-19?

It’s not! During this time – both physical and remote guarding are in demand. The ideal security solution will combine onsite guards with remote monitoring. Depending on your level of security need, you may be able to get by with a minimal number of guards. This will allow security personnel and any employees working onsite to maintain safe social distance, while still deterring thieves and other intruders.   


Review the layout of your property  

Security needs will vary depending on a number of factors. Consider:  

  • Will your building be empty because of COVID-19, or is yours an essential business?  
  • If essential, will your business be fully staffed, or will there be only a skeleton crew on location?  
  • How many entryways are there?  
  • Are valuables or large amounts of cash in the building?  


Evaluate your current security

Depending on whether the property is located in a high crime area, your current security setup may be minimal. Now, it’s possible that the facility will be vacant for an extended period of time. Also, if you are located in a suburban business park that is usually heavily trafficked, you can no longer count on your neighbors to look out for you.   

  • How many guards do you currently employ?  
  • Are all doors and windows alarmed?  
  • Are there security cameras located onsite?  
  • Are the cameras monitored remotely, or are they closed circuit?  


Consider what coverage is required  

Review the size of the property how much territory a security guard can cover and how isolated the location is. A vacant property in a business park will have different needs from an essential business in a high-crime area does. Can you get by with one or two guards that will control any attempted egress, or do you need guards who can patrol the entire facility?  


Augment with remote security monitoring  

By adding virtual guarding to your security plan, you can place in-person security in strategic locations. Cameras can be placed in more far-flung areas while guards focus on main entrances and protecting any employees on the property. Remote video monitoring can cover a very widespread area. You can tell your guards where to go and can alert the authorities if people are there who don’t belong there.  



Looking for security options during the COVID-19 pandemic?   

BOS Security can help you develop a comprehensive security strategy to keep your company secure in this challenging time. Contact us today to get started. 



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