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Building Your Security Plan: The Checklist

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Are you ready for security risks of any kind? This checklist can help you prepare for the unexpected. Individual security needs will differ depending on your location, industry, and physical layout, but this checklist will provide an overview of what you need to know.

Organizational Preparedness

High-level discussion is the best place to start. Get the right people in place and conduct an assessment to understand your security needs.

  • Partner with law enforcement
  • Establish a Safety Committee
  • Make an on-site security assessment
  • Conduct background checks for anyone associated with security
  • Review key control to know who has access to the building
  • Schedule regular safety and evacuation drills

Security Personnel Preparedness

Everyone involved in security should be well prepared, from hired guards to committee members. Consider these best practices:

  • Develop an access control plan
  • Make regular building sweeps for hazards
  • Conduct ongoing training
  • Practice active shooter training
  • Appoint one person to communicate with law enforcement


Building Preparedness: Create a set of building standards that must be adhered to. Each of the following items should be checked regularly to be sure standards are met.

  • Keep building locked when not in use
  • Conduct door/window and perimeter checks regularly
  • Examine emergency exits to be sure they are accessible
  • Install cameras, audible alarms, and other security devices
  • Check that security equipment is placed correctly and maintained.
  • Review for security blind spots

Perimeter and Grounds Preparedness

Don’t neglect the property around your building when reviewing your security plan. Parking lots, gates or walls, landscaping – it’s all part of your first line of defense.

  • Request periodic law enforcement drive-bys
  • Install and maintain proper lighting
  • Design and maintain landscaping and foliage with security in mind
  • Clearly mark entrances and parking lots so people know where to go and understand what’s expected of them

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Building security begins with the right plan.

If you need expert advice, contact the experts at BOS Security or call 404-793-6965 for help in developing a security plan for your organization. We can assess your security objectives and design and implement a comprehensive plan uniquely suited to your organization.


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