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Protection Through Remote Guarding: Hazardous Properties

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Hazardous Properties

When considering the utility of remote guarding, decision-makers often focus on gaining greater security coverage while keeping costs manageable or as a method of augmenting their on-site guards. Remote video security is often employed to cover widespread areas such as car lots or reclamation centers. Another area where remote video monitoring is useful is keeping hazardous areas secure without putting security guards at risk.


What are some of the highest risk areas for guards?


High crime areas

While businesses located in where crime is common are those most likely to need a security presence, they are also potentially putting the lives of guards at risk. Remote guarding can replace in-person security entirely in many cases. At a minimum, they can guide or warn guards to keep them out of harm’s way as much as possible and notify law enforcement as needed. For example, blind spots or unlit areas can be dangerous for guards. Remote security can provide live updates on where suspicious individuals are located in relation to the guard.


Dangerous materials

From corrosive chemicals to radioactive materials, some of the most dangerous items are among those in most need of guarding. It’s essential to keep vandals, thieves and other intruders away from these materials, but prolonged exposure can put your security staff at risk. Remote security guards can keep an eye on hazardous areas through the use of strategically placed cameras. They can command intruders to leave the area or deploy a guard or notify law enforcement for further investigation.


Confined spaces

Intruders often underestimate the danger of confined spaces, such as the hull of a ship, grain silos, or large containment vessels. Guards who respond to individuals who quickly become trapped in these areas are placed in great danger as well. With remote guarding, intruders can be warned away before landing themselves in a life-threatening position. It can save lives and reduce potential liability for the company.


Difficult to access locations

From oil platforms to rooftops to windmills, there are many locations requiring security, but it can be difficult for a security guard to reach, especially in a timely manner. Situations like these are made for remote security. Even circumstances such as weather extremes can make hiring and retaining guards difficult. Virtual guards can provide protection from a safe location no matter how remote the site.


Why endanger your security staff?

Video surveillance provides an effective alternative to secure hazardous areas without putting security guards at risk. Contact BOS Security today to learn more about our VirtuGuard™ remote guarding services.

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