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Why a Remote Guarding Service Can Benefit Your HOA

Why a Remote Guarding Service Can Benefit Your HOA

While security is typically not discussed under most HOA agreements, a remote guarding solution can make your home development more attractive to potential residents. After all, the purpose of an HOA is to have an appealing place to live and confidence that the property you have invested in will retain its value. Remote security can be an unobtrusive method of providing the safe environment your homeowners expect.


Keep the home development secure

Remote guarding can cover the entire development with carefully placed cameras. You can also replace gate security guards with live remote monitoring with technology that can scan a driver’s license or other ID. Alternatively, consider systems that can photograph license plates or those that employ facial recognition to allow residents and guests to enter while keeping out those who don’t belong.


Plan for weather events

Developments located in areas with extreme weather that occasionally calls for evacuation can benefit from remote guarding services. If homes are left vacant, homeowners can still have peace of mind if a remote guarding service is keeping a virtual eye on their property no matter where they go to ride out the storm. This can be a significant selling point for potential residents.


Keep security costs down

A virtual gate guard is often more affordable than on-site security guards and more reliable than automated entry systems. Remote access control keeps residents secure while keeping costs down without sacrificing convenience. It seamlessly allows residents and guests to enter while keeping unwanted people out. Residents can notify the security company ahead of time when they are expecting guests.


Effectively handle emergencies

Whether there is a medical emergency requiring an ambulance or activity that should be investigated by law enforcement, remote security can notify and guide the responding agency. Seconds can count in a medical emergency or security threat. Remote virtual security guards can save lives. This is just one more reason that live video monitoring services are increasing in popularity for security in HOAs.


What can remote guards do for your HOA?

Video surveillance can offer cost-effective alternatives for keeping residential properties secure. Contact BOS Security to learn more about our VirtuGuard™ remote guarding services.

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