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Protection Through Remote Guarding: Residential Properties

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Residential Properties

Protecting residential properties presents unique challenges. While residents want to feel safe, they may not want to see an evident security presence. That’s what makes remote guarding an ideal fit for settings like gated communities or apartment complexes. You can keep onsite guards to a minimum or eliminate them entirely. This gives the residents peace of mind without the constant reminder that dangers exist. In many cases, remote guarding is much more cost-effective as well.

Where do you need security?

For the most part, egress and perimeter protection is of paramount concern. Some communities in an effort to hold down costs will task a single guard with both responsibilities. This can be a dangerous mistake. A front gate guard who leaves his post leaves the entry vulnerable. If he remains at the gate and relies on perimeter cameras, there can be gaps in his attention as he attends to visitors. Intruders can even “double-team” the guard with one criminal distracting him to occupy his attention, while others gain entry through the now vulnerable perimeter. Remote guards at a dedicated location have no distractions. They are focused and alert with colleagues who can relieve them for a break so that all cameras are covered 24/7/365.

What equipment is required?

That can depend on resident preference. A mix of visible and more discreet cameras is typically ideal. At the entrance, you may want a camera that can be clearly seen so there is no question that the guard is well aware of who comes and goes. Throughout the community, cameras that blend in may be preferred so that residents are not constantly reminded that they could be in danger. Depending on the location and needs, infrared or motion-activated cameras can augment the security solution.

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What can remote guards do?

They will monitor all cameras on the property around the clock. If a guard is located onsite, he can alert them to an intruder or other disturbance. If no guard is present, they can instruct the intruders to leave the premises through a speaker system or alert law enforcement. Because of their “bird’s eye view” of the property, they can inform authorities responding to the scene what they observed, the direction the intruders traveled, and provide them with descriptions of the individuals and any vehicles they may have used.

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