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How Security Guards Increase A Gated Community’s Value

Gated Community

A gated community’s value varies greatly based on a number of factors, including security.

For instance, a community that just has gates wouldn’t be valued as highly as one that incorporates security guards. Why? It’s a more secure community and more highly sought out by potential residents.

Beautiful properties, privacy and exclusive amenities draw in residents. However, ensuring residents’ safety and security increases overall value.

Security Is A Top Concern

Security is one of the top reasons people choose to live in a gated community. They value community, privacy and security. However, it’s not feasible for an individual to hire private security guards to protect their individual homes.

By moving into a gated community, the cost of security guards is split among residents. This makes the community more appealing and when a community is filled and well taken care of, the value of the community increases.

Security Guards Provide Real-Time Security

Why use security guards in addition to other security measures? It’s a common question, but the simple answer is to provide real-time security. A gate that requires passcodes or keycards can be hacked. Security alarm systems only go off as something is happening, which means it could take 10 minutes or more for local law enforcement to arrive.

With security guards, someone is on site the entire time. Their presence alone helps to deter many would-be criminals from both outside and inside the premises. Plus, if an alarm does go off, security guards arrive within a few minutes at most. This provides faster response times. Guards are also able to better direct local law enforcement in an emergency situation to speed up response times.

Reduces Crime Inside The Community

Crime doesn’t always come from outside the community. This alone can hurt a gated community’s value. Residents move in, but they’re not always the most trustworthy people. They take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere to steal from their fellow residents.

With security guards on the premises, you help reduce crime inside the community. You’re able to uncover problem residents much faster, which helps improve the value of the community. Word spreads that the community is much safer, making it more attractive and thus far more valuable.

Residents Willing To Pay More

Would you rather live in a gated community with just the bare basics in security or pay a little more for security that actually prevents crime? Odds are, you’d prefer the latter.

Residents are willing to pay more for properties in gated communities when they know they’ll have more peace of mind. After all, that’s one of the main reasons they choose a gated community over a standard residence.

As residents pay more to live in the community, this helps to increase property values. Having security guards means residents get optimal security and feel like they’re getting an incredible value for their money.

Help Reduce Local Crime

One of the main problems gated communities have with property values is crime rates outside the community. If the community is located in an area with higher crime rates, the value of the community might actually fall.

Security guards actually help with this problem too. Investing in security guards both outside and inside the community helps to deter crime around the surrounding area. Guards report suspicious activity in the general area to local law enforcement.

This allows the police to get a better handle on crime in the area, which reduces overall crime rates. It may cost residents slightly more, but their property values and safety increase as a result.

Think of it as a way to offer privacy to residents and help clean up the surrounding community at the same time. Adding remote guarding around the perimeter also helps security guards and local law enforcement prevent crime before it happens.

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