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How To See More In A Crowded Warehouse For Better Security

Warehouse Security

Crowded warehouses are a security nightmare. With pallets and boxes stacked high, it’s difficult to see clearly throughout the building.

This doesn’t mean you can’t improve security in your warehouse. Instead, it just takes a little extra work.

With the right combination of security measures, you’ll be able to see everything, even in the most crowded warehouse.

1. Use Mirrors

Safety mirrors are a must-have for any warehouse. They help to prevent forklift accidents as people and equipment round blind corners. However, they’re also ideal for helping security cameras and guards see more clearly.

Angling a camera to view the safety mirrors increase the range of view without having to install additional cameras. It’s a simple trick and works well with your security budget since you likely already have the mirrors in place.

2. Add Adjustable Cameras

Stationary cameras work well in many areas. However, in a crowded warehouse, they’re not as effective. A single camera can monitor multiple aisles if it’s adjustable. A remote guard or on-site security employee changes the angle at random times throughout the day to see more of the warehouse.

While you won’t see the full view 24/7, you’re able to expand your range of vision by simply moving the camera as needed. Ensure you have a random schedule to ensure no one gets used to when a camera will be positioned and where.

3. Improve Lighting

Thanks to the crowded racks, light doesn’t always filter through well. This means even with ample security cameras, you can still have dark spots that aren’t visible on camera. It also makes it difficult for safety mirrors to work effectively.

Installing better lighting helps enhance visibility throughout the warehouse and ensures your cameras and mirrors are able to see far more. Plus, better lighting helps with over safety. It’s a dual purpose investment to keep your entire warehouse safer and more secure.

4. Use Security Guards

Sometimes the best way to improve security in a crowded warehouse is to have someone constantly walking the premises. Hiring trained security guards ensures you have eyes throughout your warehouse, even in common blind spots.

They’re also helpful for monitoring who comes and goes in specific areas. For instance, security guards can keep truck drivers in their designated waiting areas versus them wandering around your warehouse.

Security guards also keep an eye on employees who may get greedy. Your employees are likely to know your security measures well, but a guard changes their routine often, which makes it difficult to sneak around.

For optimal security, use cameras on certain aisles and security guards in your other aisles.

5. Implement Access Point Alerts

Even if you have adjustable cameras and security guards, neither can be in every place at once. If you have areas where employees shouldn’t be or you just want to monitor who comes and goes in specific areas, implement access point alerts.

A motion sensor can alert your security personnel when someone enters an area. A camera could be set to automatically adjust to the direction of the alert to quickly see who is in the area. The same approach can be used with security guards.

This approach helps you to focus your security in the areas you need it most when you need it. Save the alerts for less trafficked areas to avoid driving everyone crazy with constant alerts.

6. Adjust Layout For Clearer Views

This one is the most difficult way to see more in a crowded warehouse. However, if you can adjust the layout of racks to offer better angles for your security cameras, you’ll be able to see more with fewer cameras. You’ll also have better angles for your safety mirrors.

No matter what your layout, avoid placing racks too close together as this creates dark spots. You should also avoid creating boxed in areas where it’s difficult for cameras or mirrors to see at all.

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