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Warehouse Security Standards

Warehouse Security Standards

Your warehouse is a crucial part of your business. If it’s not running smoothly, neither is your business.

This is why warehouse security standards are so important. Thefts can come from every side and you need security that has your back.

Since this is such as busy area, security guards must have special skills in order to provide optimal security while keeping your warehouse running efficiently.

A Look Inside Warehouse Thefts

If you have a large warehouse filled with inventory, you might not even notice anything missing until weeks or months later when you need that particular item. Plus, tall racks make it easy for thieves to steal items without being seen.

It’s no wonder that many warehouse thefts go unnoticed until it’s too late. Sadly, it’s often an overlooked area since you don’t have customers actually going into your warehouse. However, you do have employees and of course, there are always people who may try to break in.

Statistics for warehouse burglaries are rather dated, but one stat shows 0.03% of property crimes between 2004 and 2008 were committed in warehouses. That’s still 18,000 crimes, though.

One logistics loss prevention manager even went so far as to hide in dumpsters to try and catch people in the act. It’s no surprise that he didn’t catch anyone. Most thieves hide their activities well, which is where trained security guards come into play.

Even if you don’t think you have anything worth stealing, consider that thieves in Florida stole over $100,00 worth of shampoo and other beauty products in 2015. Just a few weeks later, another warehouse in Florida lost over $300,000 worth of surveillance equipment.

While those two thefts happened in just two nights, some warehouse thefts occur over time. In Pennsylvania, $181,000 of baby formula was stolen over a two year period.

In most cases, it’s small thefts that add up over time. For instance, you may have employees or truck drivers stealing a case of something every month or so. While it doesn’t seem like much, over several years, the thefts can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Typical Warehouse Security Responsibilities

Warehouse security guards do more than patrol, though that is a major responsibility. For the best security possible, warehouse guards also do the following:

  • Enforce safety policies
  • Guard gates and docks
  • Watch surveillance footage
  • Monitor inventory on shelves
  • Control access to the facility
  • Have training in public safety protocols in the event of an accident
  • Watch both employees and guests

Warehouse security guards work closely with management and employees to fully understand logistic processes to better monitor inventory and interactions.

Security Plus Safety Patrols

Most of the time, you think of warehouse security as just keeping your inventory safe from theft and employees safe from potentially violent situations, such as an angry ex-employee.

However, guards in a warehouse must also work to keep employees safe from accidents. They keep an eye on how forklifts are used, how items are stacked, whether employees wear the proper safety equipment and much more. They’re trained just as much as any employee on proper safety protocols.

While they patrol, they keep an eye out for security and safety issues. It’s an extra pair of eyes helping to keep everyone safer.


Creating Better Security Standards

When establishing better warehouse security standards, it’s vital to work alongside your security team. By combining expertise and insight from both parties, you’re able to create a strategy that works for your particular warehouse.

Overall, you have to consider security regarding your people, inventory, equipment and data. While it may sound like a lot to keep up with, properly trained guards know what to look for and how to optimize security. As long as you constantly work to improve your security standards, you’ll see more efficient and profitable warehouses.

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