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Training Staff – Security Best Practices

Even with security staff, your business is still highly vulnerable unless you also train your staff on security best practices.

The more responsible your staff is, the fewer security issues you have. Plus, creating more awareness of potential issues helps employees feel safer.

From cybersecurity to physical security, make training a priority and you will have a more secure business.

1. Stay Aware Of Your Surroundings

One of the first things to train your staff on is staying aware of their surroundings. You can’t always expect someone to watch your back 24/7. When you have a dozen employees walking out into the parking lot at one time, security guards aren’t able to keep their eyes on every single employee the entire time.

You don’t have to be paranoid, but be aware when a situation doesn’t feel safe. For instance, if you need to enter a rarely used area of your business, but it’s not well lit, wait until you have a flashlight and someone with you.

If you notice someone in the business who shouldn’t be there, pay attention to their general description and make a note of it for your security staff. Awareness helps everyone stay safer and the business more secure.

2. Don’t Exit Alone

It’s never a good idea to exit a business alone. Businesses should train staff on this important security best practice. In fact, if an employee was to get injured going out alone to your parking area, your business could be liable. One Georgia business was sued due to poor security when an employee was attacked in their parking lot.

If you’re the last one around, ask a security guard to walk with you to your vehicle. To ensure they get back safely to their post, follow them with your car or at least shine your headlights to keep the area well lit for them.

3. Know Where Security Staff Are Located

Do your staff know where your security team is located throughout the day? If they need to quickly report something, who should they go to and what’s the proper procedure?

Introduce your employees to your security staff, including security guards hired from a security company. Let them get to know each other and implement communication procedures that work best for everyone. Security guards want your employees to feel safe and that includes being able to talk with each other when employees don’t feel secure.

4. Understand Cybersecurity Basics

Cybersecurity is a major issue. In fact, Atlanta, GA was hit by one of the biggest ransomware attacks in early 2018. System vulnerabilities and simply human mistakes lead to the majority of attacks.

Training your staff on cybersecurity best practices is a must. A data breach could ruin your business forever. A shocking 92% of malware still comes via email and 56% of IT experts said phishing scams are one of their biggest threats. These are just a few of the eye-opening cybersecurity stats from 2018.

While your security guards can help with training your staff on personal security, TechRepublic and CSO both offer tips for getting your employees to actually care about cybersecurity.

5. Keep Devices With You

Employees are human and as such are prone to just laying their mobile devices down. Among the top security best practices is keeping devices with their owners at all times. Leaving a tablet on a table while picking up an order during lunch is a recipe for disaster.

It’s not just about business data that may be stored on the device. What about the employee’s personal information? If their schedule is listed, an attacker could easily stalk them. They could find out details about their family and friends. Teach them to always keep their devices locked, secured and with them.

6. Report Anything Out Of Place

It should go without saying, but it’s always better to report something that turns out to be nothing than to wait until the worst happens. Train your staff to report anything they think is out of place.

Perhaps a door is being left unlocked in your warehouse that shouldn’t be. Maybe an employee is suddenly acting differently. Whatever it may be, encourage open reporting to your security staff and management.

7. Require Training Regularly

Finally, always require regular security training. It’s easy to forget procedures or to get complacent. Set up regular training every year to keep employees aware of security best practices.

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