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Duty Of Care – The Ultimate Employee Benefit

Ultimate Employee Benefit

You think of employee benefits as insurance and vacation days, but what about safety and security?

The ultimate employee benefit may very well be security guards that go the extra mile to ensure employees stay safe not only inside the workplace, but as they go to and from their cars too.

It’s not a benefit that goes unnoticed by employees either. In fact, it could be a selling point when trying to convince a candidate to choose your business over a competitor’s.

More Productive When Happy

Studies have shown that happier employees are more productive. In fact, they’re up to 20% more productive and happy salespeople even bring up to 37% more sales.

A great way to make employees happier is to make them feel safer. This means not just having security guards on patrol, but available to employees. Maybe they need to work late and want an escort to their car. Maybe they’re always the first one in and feel unsafe entering through the back employee doors.

It’s all about making employees feel safe where they are. When they don’t have to worry about that, it’s less stress on them, leading to happier employees.

Notice Potential Security/Safety Issues

Security guards don’t just look for criminals or criminal activity. Trained guards take notice of everything around them. For instance, an Atlanta, GA business might not even realize a lock is broken on an unused dock door. Or, no one may have noticed a crack in the ceiling that could cause the ceiling to collapse at any time.

Security guards notice these small details and report it. This helps create an overall safer working environment. After all, it’s easy for employees to get complacent and focus just on their job, ignoring what’s around them. This is where security guards add to employee benefits.

Escort Employees In Dangerous Areas

No matter how many lights and cameras a business puts up, there are still dangerous areas around a business. It’s not always possible for employees to leave in groups of three or more for safety reasons.

Security guards are able to escort employees to their cars, whether they’re outside or in a parking garage. They may wait at the front gate to escort employees inside in the mornings.

No matter what dangerous area or situation, security guards are there as an important employee benefit to help them stay safer.

Watch For Potential Issues Among Employees

While you hope all your employees get along, that’s not always going to happen. Much like with safety issues, security guards pay attention to employee interactions and notice when something’s not quite right.

They may even overhear threats and take steps to ensure any threatened employee stays safe, including escorting them and reporting the threat to management. Of course, this also helps in identifying issues with employees who may be having personal troubles outside the office.

This is why it’s a good idea to consult your security guards before firing anyone. They’ve noticed personalities, interactions and any changes that may have occurred.

Stand By In Controversial Situations

Security guards serve as an incredible employee benefit when it comes to controversial situations. For instance, if you’re firing someone, having a security guard nearby is useful for ensuring situations don’t become violent.

Of course, there are also situations where an employee may just feel uncomfortable around other employees. In light of the #MeToo movement, for instance, many men fear being alone with women and women may feel unsafe going to meetings solo with a male coworker.

As the Chicago Tribune and have pointed out, it’s beneficial to have a third party as a witness and a security guard works well in this situation as they have nothing to benefit from anything said and may not spread office gossip like another employee would.

Contact BOS Security

Security guards help your employees in numerous ways and are an often overlooked benefit. If you have any questions about adding guards to your business, don’t hesitate to contact our team at 404-793-6965.

We also offer free Security Needs Assessments to help businesses further understand their vulnerabilities and create better security strategies.

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