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How Security Guards Can Protect Your Atlanta Warehouse or Distribution Center

Atlanta, GA: Warehouse security serves several critical roles in the effective operations and protection of your facility.  Security guards are more than just a visible deterrent to criminals.  Properties protected by security guards are far less likely to be the victim of common crimes such as theft, vandalism, workplace violence, or trespassers.  Benefits of a warehouse security guard can include:

  • Asset Protection
  • Protection of your Employees and Visitors
  • Controlling Access/Egress to your property
  • Enforcing common rules/policies for your warehouse or distribution center
  • Handling security violations on your behalf
  • Emergency Response
  • Aiding in accident prevention
  • Assisting with disgruntled employees or employee terminations
  • Investigating and reporting security incidents

How Security Guards Can Protect Your Atlanta Warehouse or Distribution Center

Prevent Crime: Asset Protection

Atlanta warehouses contain millions of dollars in valuable commodities, equipment, or merchandise.  Effective Security Officers provide a 24/7 patrol of the facility.  Your security plan should also provide for camera surveillance (not just recording) that gives a Security Officer total visibility to your facility.

A virtual monitoring service, like VirtuGuard™, in conjunction with a human on-site guard, can provide optimal security for your facility.  With constant overhead surveillance, the virtual security guard can constantly monitor everything happening in the warehouse as well as outside in the parking lots and grounds.  That virtual security guard can direct the human guard to where they need to respond to protect your facility.  The virtual security guard also provides invaluable backup to the human guard on the scene in times of trouble.


Employee Protection

The primary job of every Security Guard is to keep the employees and visitors in your warehouse or distribution center safe.  As the Warehouse Manager, you are responsible for not only providing steel-toed boots, safety goggles and other personal protective gear, but providing a security guard will also give your employees peace of mind about their own safety.  Your employees will work more efficiently in a safe, secure environment without unnecessary drama or distractions.

Control access and egress to the property.

Warehouses and large commercial properties must operate efficiently. Unauthorized individuals should never be on the grounds of your warehouse or distribution center.  Security Officers posted at all entrances and exits to the property or warehouse can greet visitors, verify credentials of employees and service workers, log employees or guests as they come and go as well as answer questions.

Other Access/Egress Roles for Security include:

  • Truck Arrival/Departure Management – As trucks come and go from the warehouse or distribution center, Security Officers can handle docking designations, shipping inventory tracking, and manage detailed logs and reports.
  • Truck Inspections – As trucks arrive and depart, Security Officers check driver credentials, record and verify numbers on tracking seals, document license plate numbers, and audit inventory in trailers.
  • Refrigerator Truck Inspections – Security Officers can check the refrigeration temperature on reefer trucks, log temperatures, and notify the Warehouse Supervisors of any discrepancies between the required and actual temperatures.
  • Equipment Tracking – When valuable machinery or equipment is moved, Security Officers may be responsible for recording what was taken, by who, and when it was returned.

Enforce Warehouse Rules and Regulations

Your Warehouse Managers and Supervisors are busy and should not waste time on dealing with petty security or safety violations around the facility.  Security Officers should be trained on your facilities security and safety protocols.

Handle Security Violations

Security incidents will always occur, not matter how much you prepare.  The best security guard companies will work closely with your management team to understand the specific needs and policies of your warehouse or distribution center to prepare their officers.  In some cases that may mean that guards are authorized to detain violators, but in other cases they may be prohibited from making physical contact with the person committing the crime on your property. BOS Security trains our Security Officers on de-escalation techniques to prevent the need for physical force in the first place.

Emergency Response

Security Officers are often the first responder to accidents in your warehouse.  Outstanding Security Officers have training in first aid and CPR so that they can immediately begin to provide aid to the injured.  The initial orientation for Security Officers should include the dangers and risks of your warehouse.  If your warehouse has chemicals or equipment that pose a danger to your employees or visitors, it is critical that the Officer understand those risks and how to respond to an accident.

Aid in Accident Prevention

Security guard patrols can be a valuable aid to your maintenance and safety teams.  Security Officers can be your eyes and ears throughout the facility.  Those guards can alert your team to lights that are burned out or broken, fire extinguishers that are missing or expired, doors that are not closing properly or exits that are blocked.  BOS Security uses a guard tour reporting tool to collect this data from our officers throughout their patrols.  Our Security Officers can even include pictures and videos of problems to share with our clients.  When your team arrives at work the next morning, you have an email with details of the findings of our patrols.  Maintenance issues can be routed directly to the right person for prompt response and repair. Our inspections and reports can prove to be invaluable if your business is subjected to OSHA audits.

Assist with Disgruntled Employees

The most common disgruntled employee is the one that you just terminated.  Employee termination is a situation that can quickly turn ugly and its best to be prepared ahead of time.  Having a trained security guard on-site during the termination can encourage that disgruntled employee to leave without causing a scene.

Security Officers can protect not only the managers conducting the termination, but also other employees in the vicinity.  The security guard can keep gawkers away and at the same time escort the former employee from your property.  Finally, the security officer is there to watch for a return and act to head off any further incidents.

Investigate and Report Security Incidents

Effective Security Officers are your eyes and ears out on the warehouse floor.  Security guards are on duty even after normal business hours so they can monitor for suspicious activity while your facility is closed.  In the event of an incident after-hours, security guards are trained in investigation techniques and can prepare comprehensive reports for both warehouse operators and law enforcement.  Accurate, timely reports help police solve crimes faster, keeping your employees and visitors safe.

BOS Security, Atlanta’s best security guard company, provides professional, well-trained Security Officers for Atlanta businesses.  For over a quarter-century, we have been the leader in the security industry in Georgia.  If you are interested in learning more about how BOS Security can protect your Atlanta warehouse or distribution center, contact us today.

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