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How to Protect Your Business from Natural Disasters

How to Protect Your Business from Natural Disasters

Companies know to protect themselves from economic downturns, theft, and common security risks. Many don’t give enough attention to the possibility of natural disasters. But weather, wildfires, and other unexpected events are on the rise and can cause even more damage than typical risks. Planning can make all the difference when responding to and recovering from natural disasters. Consider this advice on how to protect, react and recover your business.

There is a number of natural occurrences you may need to prepare for. And depending on where you live, different risk factors. The west faces fire and earthquakes, the southeast, hurricanes and floods, and in between, tornados wield their unpredictable and destructive power. You can take certain measures, such as engineering your facility to withstand the damage your region is likely to face, but what else can you do to protect yourself?


Prioritize Business Continuity

What would you do if people couldn’t work in your building for an extended period? It can happen if it is destroyed by fire or an earthquake, found to be contaminated by mold, lost power, or most recently, too dangerous for employees to work in close quarters. Could you operate your building from an alternative location, or could your employees work from home without losing productivity? Build redundancies in your business, store or backup data offsite or in the cloud, and if possible in your business, provide your employees with laptops or other equipment with what they need to work remotely.


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Do You Have An Emergency Operations Plan?

Scrambling when a disaster occurs is no way to handle a business. Better to have a comprehensive plan ready to quickly launch when the time comes. First, consider the immediate threat to the lives and health of your employees. Be sure contact information is up to date and conduct regular drills for common events in your area, so every individual knows how to proceed in the moment.

  • Who will be in charge?
  • How will you communicate?
  • Will you protect employees who cannot work?
  • How long can you afford to be offline?
  • Do you have adequate insurance coverage?


Consult Your Insurance Agent

Be sure your coverage reflects the kind of risk you are likely to face in your industry and region. If your research is based on national averages, you may not have what you need to protect your business. You could be overspending or spending in the wrong place.


Make A Security Plan

If your building is vacant or damaged, how can you protect any valuables that may be remaining, prevent further damage, or keep people off the property who could get hurt and hold you liable? You can place security officers on the property, install cameras that can be monitored remotely or use a combination of both.


Don’t Be Caught Unprotected From Natural Disasters!

With BOS Security, your business is fully covered no matter how unpredictable or severe extreme the threat. The experts at BOS Security can keep your facility secure 24/7/365. For information on how security guards and remote video security monitoring services can help you prepare for the unexpected, contact us at 404-793-6965.

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