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Transferrable Skills That Can Help You Land a Job in Security

Transferrable Skills That Can Help You Land a Job in Security

Security officers often come from a police or military background, but you may be surprised how many skills you may already have that can help you land a security job. You probably know customer service skills are essential. Because security officers often deal with the public, you need to know how to approach people with calmness, diplomacy, and sensitivity to keep people calm and prevent situations from escalating. But many other skills can lead you to a security job. Do you have these transferrable skills that can help you land a job in security?


Attention to Detail

As a security guard, attention to detail is essential. You need to know what typical conditions are in the facility you guard so that you can tell when anything is out of place. When you are on duty regularly, you’ll get to know the people who belong there and recognize them by sight. You can also use these skills to tell when someone is acting suspiciously – even if it’s someone you recognize who seems a bit “off.” You will also have a better chance of noticing when a document or ID is forged or altered.


Ability to Remain Calm

When a crisis occurs, or a situation escalates, people can become frightened, angry, or out of control. They often look to security officers to be a lifeboat in a sea of stress and confusion. If you have a natural or learned ability to stay calm, you are more likely to get accurate accounts of events from witnesses as well as being able to get them to follow instructions such as the need to evacuate.


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As a security officer, you may need to cover a lot of ground at once. You might be seated at a desk where you are expected to check people in and out while keeping an eye on your surroundings and maybe even monitoring cameras located throughout the building. None of these can be neglected, so it’s important to be focused and attentive. You can’t allow yourself to be distracted no matter how many things are going on.


Communication Skills

You may need to speak to everyone from building owners to employees to guests in a way that engenders confidence while treating them with respect. You’ll need to be able to communicate clearly and concisely verbally and in writing if you need to engage with law enforcement, as well as making notes and drafting reports that can be understood by the next shift, your superiors and those in charge of the facility you are guarding.


Do You Have What It Takes To Become a Security Officer!

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