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Can Playing Video Games Help Me Get a Job in Security?

Can Playing Video Games Help Me Get a Job in Security?

If you play a lot of video games, you may think of it as just entertainment or a way to blow off some steam after a tough day. But did you know you could be learning real-world skills that could help you get a security job? You’re gaining skills like attention to detail, pattern recognition, and vigilance.  According to an American Psychologist Association (APA) study, video games offer cognitive, motivational, emotional, and social benefits that can help develop skills that are transferable to the workplace.

Organizations such as the National Security Agency (NSA) once focused their recruitment efforts mainly on top universities. While that’s still part of the game plan, they are now just as likely to consider places gamers frequent and even hosting events like the U.S. Cyber Games. If it’s good enough for the NSA, it’s surely good enough to grab the attention of security firms in your area. Here are a few ways your gaming skills can help you stand out to security companies that are hiring.


Don’t Be Too Predictable

As a gamer, the more times you play, the more familiar you become with obstacles and dangers you will encounter. You learn how to predict behavior in the game and avoid detection. So do those wishing to steal or otherwise harm the people or property you are responsible for. Use this knowledge to your advantage. If you have flexibility in how you make your rounds, mix it up. Speak to your supervisor and the client, but if you had three or four potential route options, it could prevent a criminal from casing your movements and knowing where you are when and gaining entry when you are out of range.


Pay Attention to Fitness

While the image of the out-of-shape “mall cop” is commonly portrayed in movies, that’s seldom the case in real life – or in video games. While you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to play video games or be a security guard, a baseline level of fitness will give you an edge. Regular movement and a healthy diet will prevent you from getting sluggish, inattentive, or foggy-brained all of which can be a problem when you’re navigating a tricky patch of video landscape, walking your rounds, or trying to remain focused on video monitors as a remote security guard.


Be ready to Solve Problems

Much like jobs as security officers, video games present you with challenges you must use critical thinking skills to resolve. You know your objective and that obstacles will be placed in your way. You don’t always know what they will be or when or where you will encounter them. It’s important to be prepared for whatever you may encounter and to be flexible.



Apply to Become a Security Officer

Find out if you are qualified for on-site or remote security guard jobs.  You’ll have the opportunity to use your gaming skills to keep people safe and make a real difference. You would be surprised how many security guard job options there are. Learn more about available remote security positions or begin the application process at our job board.

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