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How to Conduct a Security Audit

How to Conduct a Security Audit

This is the time of year when people take stock of where they stand and make plans for the coming year. Why should your security be any different? Every year is different, but your budget may remain the same. It’s essential to identify the right mix of security services to protect your people and property while controlling costs.

Security needs can vary depending on your facility and the types of threats you are likely to face, so don’t fall into the trap of relying on a generic checklist. You need an audit tailored to you. Review incident reports from the last year to see the kinds of actual threats you faced rather than just theoretical. It might be wise to go back two or three years since the last year or so has been far from typical.


What Type of Facility are you Protecting?


Evaluate Your Current Security

Consider the threats you are likely to face and if you have enough, too much, or the wrong kind of security for your needs. For example, you might not need a dozen armed guards for a gated community, but well-placed and monitored cameras along with a friendly and attentive gate guard might be just right to keep residents happy, not uneasy. A Class A building where the most valuable asset is data has different needs than a warehouse with high-value, easy-to-sell merchandise.


What Do You Need to Protect?

  • Technology or other high-end equipment
  • Data and proprietary equipment
  • Access to the property
  • Employees, residents, or guests on-premises


What Types of Threats Do You Face?

  • Responsibility to keep people out of areas that can pose a danger.
  • Loss of merchandise, equipment, data, or intellectual property.
  • Vandalism or damage that can be a nuisance, sabotage, or an attempt to gain entry.
  • Stalking, threats, and all kinds of assault or worse.


What Are Your Security Options?


On-site Guards

This option can be expensive. The number of guards, experience, location, armed vs. unarmed, and other factors can all go into calculating the cost of a security guard. Their presence can be reassuring to those they protect and can act as a deterrent to criminals.


Remote Security Guard Services

Remote security monitoring can be an effective way to augment or replace on-site security officers. They are ideal for large unattended areas like car lots, recycling centers, and pools. Remote security can prevent harm to on-site guards if used in dangerous locations, hazardous waste repositories, or confined spaces.


Hybrid Solutions

Combining on-site officers with remote security guards can ensure thorough coverage while controlling costs. Place security officers where their presence and visibility matter and support them by giving them eyes and ears over the entire property.


Partner With a Top Security Company

A trusted security company can help you audit your security and help develop a plan that will keep you covered within your budget. They will show your options and help you decide on the correct mix of on-site and virtual security guards for your needs.



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