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Security Requirements for Class A Office Space

Determining what security solutions are right for your business has a lot to do with what kind of space your business inhabits. According to the Building Owners and Managers Association, Class A office buildings are the most prestigious buildings in an area, competing for premier office tenants with higher than average rents. What determines a Class A building depends on the community and surrounding buildings, but generally they have “high quality standard finishes, state of the art systems, exceptional accessibility and a definite market presence”.

Although each security solution is different, and will require a full security assessment from BOS Security to fully determine the best actions, there are some standards in security for Class A Office space. Since Class A office spaces are the best looking, well located buildings in an area, with the premier construction, high-quality infrastructure, and professional management, often housing more than one business in their office space, they also pose unique security situations. Although company policy can vary significantly, BOS Security are professionals at working with and adapting a security solution to any business setting. For example, many Class A office spaces have 24-hour security personnel on the premises at all times, to protect the building itself. Alternatively, if that solution doesn’t suit your business, BOS Security Officers are also trained professionals that can operate and maintain intrusion/surveillance systems on-site or remotely.

Aside from protecting the property itself, a very important role that safeguards the investment of building developers, insurers, investors, and businesses inhabiting that office space, Security Officers are also often necessary to safeguard a building during the day, and keep peace of mind for everyone working in the office space. Security Officers from BOS Security can operate entrance systems, checking IDs and operating metal-detecting systems, provide a professionally trained first response in a medical or fire emergency (all BOS Security Officers are CPR-AED and fire safety trained), and function as an extremely effective deterrent and reaction force against crime of all kinds whether the Security Officer is armed or unarmed.

Because each office space is different, and each company and building has different policies that determine how security is conducted within the office, a full security assessment from BOS Security is the first step in any security solution. Depending on company needs, size, policy, and location, the solutions will differ. The exact number of Security Officers, for example, needed to secure an office space can vary significantly. Whether a company desires the Security Officers to be armed or unarmed also often depends on company and building policy. A few of the most important and common roles for Security Officers in Class A office space, because it is premier space, with top of the line finishes and infrastructure, are monitoring intrusion/surveillance systems, identification entrance security systems, and 24-hour security.

For Class A office space, securing the individuals inside the building of course is priority number one, but maintaining the integrity and excellence of the exceptional building/office space itself is a priority only shortly behind priority number one. For that reason, Class A office spaces routinely feature 24-hour security from professionals like BOS Security to provide premier security service to the tenants and visitors to the building, and also to the building itself.

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