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How Added Security Can Improve Your Class A Office Space

Class A Office Space

A Class A office space is known as the elite among office spaces. One way to make it even better is with added security.

While many security features are often built-in, such as more secure entry and exit points, there are additional ways to secure your office space.

Adding more security cameras, using remote monitoring and having on-site guards are just a few of the ways to increase security. With better security, comes more benefits to your Class A office space.

Security Adds Value

One of the things that sets apart Class A office spaces from other classes is the enhanced security. These spaces have a higher budget for installing state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, electronic doors, monitored parking areas and even on-site guards.

The better the security, the more valuable the space actually is. This means the office building is able to charge higher rental fees for tenants. Since tenants feel safer, they’re far more likely to choose a higher priced space than a cheaper, less secure one.

Reduce Potential Crime

Class A office buildings aren’t immune to crime. Having advanced security is what helps reduce potential crime in these buildings. After all, no matter how state-of-the-art the building and amenities might be, no one will want to rent space if the building constantly faces security threats.

By monitoring all entry and exit points, having security key cards and utilizing on-site guards to manually monitor employees and guests, the building is much more secure and criminals are far less likely to target it.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

These spaces do attract people who might want to steal information. After all, these office spaces are usually filled with computers and mobile devices with valuable data and company secrets. Optimized security measures prevent any unauthorized access to the building and specific office spaces.

Increased security means having dedicated security for every floor and tenant. Tenants inform security guards about who will be visiting and when. They’ll also inform security when their guests are leaving, so no one is left wondering around unattended.

Creates A Safer Environment 24/7

Who doesn’t want to work in a building that’s focused on security? Taking every possible security measure means you’re creating a safer working environment 24/7. Odds are, you’ll have tenants who work all hours. Security shouldn’t be limited to the typically 9 to 5 employees.

Adding security that escorts employees to parking garages or even having secure concierge services to pick up vehicles is one way to make all tenants feel safer in your Class A office space.

Attract Better Talent

Businesses looking to attract the top talent for their companies also look for the best office spaces. Part of that means having more secure environments. In such as competitive job market, even little advantage helps.

Enhanced security measures are just one of the many ways to help your tenants attract the top talent in their industry. Not only does that help attract, but it helps to retain. One thing to remember is when tenants are attracting the talent they need, they’re more likely to stay long-term.

Attract More Tenants

One final way that increasing security improves your Class A office space is it helps to attract more tenants. Your office space isn’t profitable if it’s not filled with tenants. It’s been proven that better security is one of the main factors that attract tenants.

When it comes down to choosing your building or another space, going the extra mile with security could make all the difference. Plus, better security is easier to afford when you have more tenants.

Everything from better lighting and security cameras to having ample security guards are all investments in your tenants’ security and the future of your office space.

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