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6 Benefits Of Internal Intercom Systems

6 Benefits Of Internal Intercom Systems

Internal intercom systems are designed to make it easier for your business to communicate instantly with employees. While phone systems have their place, intercoms offer an alternate communication style, one that’s more immediate, with fewer complications and more options. You can even invest in a smart intercom system that will work with smartphones and other internet-enabled devices

If you’re on the fence about installing an internal intercom in your business, consider the benefits and how they’ll improve productivity and security.

Quickly Reach Anyone You Need

When you call an employee or co-worker via phone, you’re not sure they even know the phone rang. With an internal intercom system, employees can respond instantly with the push of a button, even if they’re busy. Plus, no one has to sit around to wait for the phone to ring.

These systems are ideal for quick messages, such as asking someone to check their email for an important notification. It takes seconds to contact someone via intercom, while it could take minutes or longer with phones.

Intelligent internal intercom systems allow instant communication no matter where the employee might be on the property. Instead of the signal going to their desk, it goes to their smartphone, so you never miss anyone.

Send Out General And Emergency Announcements

Phone systems don’t usually allow office-wide announcements. If your business needs to send out a quick message to everyone, such as coming to the break room for a surprise party (naturally, you’d leave the party part out), press a button, and you can talk to everyone at once.

Also, emergency announcements are simpler than ever. Sounding an alarm works well, but how many employees might think it’s just a drill? A quick announcement over the intercom system tells everyone in the company what the emergency is and how to respond.

Control Access To Certain Areas

To avoid giving out numerous key cards to employees, use an intercom system to allow or deny access. It’s a simple yet highly effective security measure. Only a select few employees get full-time access to areas. When someone else needs to enter, they request permission via the intercom. The employees inside press a button to temporarily open the door.

This type of security access is often used at entry points to restrict access to your business. Parking lots may also use this method to ensure only employees and authorized visitors get in.

Complement Surveillance Systems

Internal intercom systems work well with surveillance systems. For instance, if you see an employee in an area they shouldn’t be in, talk to the employee via the intercom in that area to confirm why they are there. In the case of an emergency, such as needing to evacuate or seeing an intruder, anyone watching the surveillance cameras can inform employees of what to do and where to go.

In the event of a fire, employees could be directed toward the safest route away from the fire, even if it’s not the planned exit. The intercom provides an extra layer of safety for all staff.

Work Alongside Remote Monitoring Or Guards

Remote monitoring and/or on-site guards are essential security measures. Internal intercom systems make these security precautions even more effective. If your cameras are being remotely monitored by a service such as BOS Security’s VirtuGuard™, and you get a call informing you about a security issue, you can let employees know what to do using the internal intercoms.

If you have on-site security officers, it’s easy to contact them via intercom to respond to security incidents. You don’t have to worry about them being in a dead zone with their radio or phone. Guards can also use the system to communicate with each other when dealing with security incidents. In fact, security professionals are quick to argue that internal intercoms are essential to remote guarding efforts.

Include Video For Quick Meetings

Some intercom systems include video. This is ideal if you need to have a quick meeting with someone or show them something, such as a defect in a product. With the push of a button, you’re instantly connected to the right employee. You’re connected instantly instead of waiting to connect via an app or cloud-based program. It’s a quick and effective way to interact face-to-face with co-workers, even in large office buildings. Intercom with video is also helpful in some access control applications.

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