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How Internal Intercoms Are Essential to Remote Guarding Efforts

How Internal Intercoms Are Essential to Remote Guarding Efforts

With all the cutting-edge remote guarding technology available today, do internal intercoms still have a place? Many businesses think so. Companies continue to use these systems – freestanding or as part of a telephone to instantly communicate with their employees. What are the advantages of using intercoms as part of your communication system?


Quick and Easy Contact

Employees immediately know who is trying to reach them, and you can quickly let them know what you need. While not ideal for long or back and forth conversations, intercoms are perfect for quick instructions such as “Please come to my office” or “your client is at the front desk.” There are even smart systems that message your phone directly if you are away from your desk.


Make General Announcements

Intercoms can be the quickest way to get a message out to the entire company or a specific department. Whether you want employees to report for a meeting or alert them of an emergency, an intercom will get the job done. You don’t have to wait for people to check their email or answer their phones for meeting reminders. In emergencies, you don’t have to worry that people will ignore an alarm because they believe it’s a drill.


Control Access

Rather than making certain areas key card accessible, install an intercom requiring all but a core staff to request access to restricted areas. It reduces the number of keycards as well as the worry of people using stolen cards. It can also be used at entry points to restrict access to your building or parking lot.


Augment Security Systems

Use your intercom to alert employees of danger such as an intruder, suspicious behavior, or something out of place. You can quickly notify affected people how they should react or where to go. Direct them toward safety and away from danger. It can make all the difference in an emergency.


Work With Guards

Intercoms can be a valuable addition to your remote or on-premise guards. You can update guards coming on-shift of possible threats to watch for, or the guards can use them to communicate with employees. It’s much quicker than looking up a phone number in an emergency. You also don’t have to worry about signal strength for mobile phones or radios.


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