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Protection Through Remote Guarding: Office Buildings

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Office Buildings

Office buildings have a variety of vulnerabilities. Owners and employers need to protect the people who work there or have other reasons to be in the building, high-value equipment such as laptops and intellectual property, and other data. Remote guarding can be an effective and low-cost answer to the need for 24/7 security. In-person officers can provide access control and regular patrols around your office building or complex to prevent theft, vandalism and intrusion, and unwanted surveillance. Remote security monitoring can help cover a broader area 24/7, even in areas that are hazardous or widespread.


Protecting Employees

Employees have a right to feel safe while they are working, when exiting the building, and while walking to their vehicles. Remote guarding can be instrumental in achieving that goal. It can augment in-person guards as well for an additional layer of security. Even threats missed by guards busy in another part of the building can be picked up by remote guards monitoring security cameras. And because cameras are placed strategically throughout the office building, it reduces the chances of blind spots.


Protecting Office Properties

Security officers can be instrumental in access control and security patrols. Remotely monitored security cameras can cover a much broader area and do so unobtrusively. Employers may not want security guards patrolling the hall or in their offices, but cameras can be placed almost everywhere. They can be positioned to view cover hallways, stairwells, elevators, and other common areas. It ensures there is no place in the building where employees feel unsafe.


Extending Security Reach

Virtual guards can notify onsite guards of anomalies or engage law enforcement as needed. They can also issue verbal warnings to an intruder, or identify false alarms remotely, so the guard doesn’t need to leave his post. Remote video security monitoring can be a valuable addition to your in-person security team in the case of a violent employee, or when your building is empty overnight, while the staff is remote, or in the event of a natural disaster. You can control costs by hiring fewer security guards or to augment your on-site team.


Keep Office Tenants Safe and Happy

Your office building tenants demand a high level of quality and service to keep their people and property safe. BOS Security and VirtuGuard™ remote video surveillance can help you to deliver. If you want to enhance your security program, get in touch with us today or learn more about BOS Security’s VirtuGuard™ remote guarding service here.

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