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Why a Robust Security Plan is Appealing to Prospective Building Tenants

Why a Robust Security Plan is Appealing to Prospective Building Tenants

Building tenants can have high expectations and with good reason. Rent can be one of the largest expenses for a business. When considering tenancy, they will typically consider square footage, location, and condition of a property, but when it’s time to narrow down among similar properties, a robust security system can give building owners a competitive edge.

A well-secured building can give potential tenants peace-of-mind for a variety of reasons. Buildings may be partially vacant because of a large number of remote workers, making on-site workers feel less secure and having fewer available eyes and ears to detect potential security threats. Some companies may have late-night shifts when there is less traffic in the surrounding area, leaving them vulnerable to intruders. If the property is in an undesirable or unsafe area, security can still land you on the shortlist if the property is convenient or priced right.


What are tenants looking for in security?

There is much you can do behind the scenes to make a property more secure, but visible evidence of security can give potential tenants a boost of confidence. This can include a well-lit and well-kept parking lot, visible security cameras, and secure entrances. Landscaping should be kept fresh with shrubbery trimmed to eliminate places where intruders could hide.


How can you ensure control?

In a multi-tenant building, it’s important each tenant is able to control their own space. A central front desk, combined with a badge entry system can ensure that entry to the building doesn’t mean entry to all areas. Requiring every individual to swipe their badge can ensure you know people only access the areas where they belong. There should also be tight controls over guests, contractors, delivery personnel, and workmen.


How should you communicate your security plan?

Add information about security to your marketing materials, share it in presentations, and be sure that all team members can communicate it well. Let prospective tenants know the coverage you provide with guards and security technology. Also, discuss the plans you have in place for natural disasters and threats such as active shooters and bomb threats. They should be confident that you’ve thought of everything.


A trusted security partner gives potential tenants confidence

At BOS Security, we advise building owners and managers on the latest technologies and provide the in-person and remote resources to put their security plans into action. If you would like to schedule a security consultation, please contact the experts at BOS Security today.

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