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Quick Guide to BOS Security’s Risk Management Services

Quick Guide to BOS Security's Risk Management Services


BOS Security is an ideal fit for a variety of circumstances, including corporate office locations, commercial spaces, residential buildings, and even government agencies. What sets us apart is the personal service and attention to detail of a small regional firm combined with the resources, cutting-edge technology, and ability to scale on demand of a large national agency.


What Can You Expect from BOS Security’s Risk Management Services?

BOS Security begins with a needs assessment to evaluate your current security and future. Our experts will create and implement a customized plan to mitigate security risks. Assessments are conducted by professionals with experience in law enforcement, asset & facilities protection, executive protection, and private security.


Corporate & Office Security

BOS Security Officers are experts in Class A office security. Officers can provide access control and regular patrols to avoid risks and threats such as theft, office violence, intrusion, and unwanted surveillance. On-site officers can be combined with virtual guarding to further extend reach.

Residential Security

Maintain resident safety without sacrificing their privacy. BOS can provide Visitor Access Control Services at the gate or front desk of your community as well as guards on roving patrols throughout the building or property, and strategic remote guarding to further enhance security.

Commercial Security

Businesses such as manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing can use the protection of BOS Security Officers and remotely monitored video guarding. Guards can provide gate access control for deliveries, employee access monitoring, or grounds protection.

VirtuGuard™ Remote Monitoring Services

BOS Security Officers monitor your security cameras 24/7/365, saving you the time and expense of on-site security guards. Protect your property and business from intrusion, loss, and liability.

Government Contracts

BOS Security is one of only six nationwide that are part of the Screening Partnership Program with TSA, providing private screeners to US airports. In 2011 the firm was awarded a contract with the US Army to provide security services for the TRADOC HQ at Fort Eustis, VA. BOS also provides Armed Security Officer services for the USDA Russell Research Facility in Athens, GA.


Learn More About BOS Security

If you’d like to know more about how BOS Security can help you keep your people and property safe, contact us today at 404-793-6965 or contact us.

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