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Secret Codes To Keep Employees Safe During Emergencies

Secret Codes To Keep Employees Safe During Emergencies

On occasion, an event will occur on your property that will require that you alert the correct people without causing a widescale panic or tipping your hand to any perpetrators. There is a long history of organizations using this tactic. What are some of the most common ones, and how can you develop and implement a secret code system to be used by you and your employees during times of emergencies? Here are some codes you may have heard of (and a few that might be new to you.)


Color Codes

Color codes are often used in hospitals to indicate different types of emergencies.

  • Red = Fire
  • Black = Bomb threat
  • Silver = Weapons or hostage situations
  • Gray = Combative or violent persons on-premise.
  • Blue = Patient needing resuscitation.


Number Codes

These are common in law enforcement. First responders often need to communicate quickly and clearly. A misunderstanding can make the difference between life and death. Also, communication channels can often be heard by civilians. Codes can avoid revealing confidential information, causing alarm, or interfering in an incident. Some codes are intended to be shared with the public to discreetly request help, such as asking for “Nora,” meaning “Need Officer Right Away.” This can allow people in volatile situations to get help without tipping their hand to the perpetrator or alarming bystanders.


Should you institute security codes at your business?

It can be helpful in a variety of situations. For example, if your facility is open to the public, you may want codes that can enable you to communicate with employees without alerting others, especially if they are perpetrators. Codes can allow you to tell employees to look out for thieves, let them know there is a danger such as an active shooter situation or other sensitive situation. Codes can also be used to let employees know to evacuate in the event of a fire or natural disaster.


What kind of codes are right for you?

They should fit seamlessly into your business so that you alert the right people only to keep employees safe. Number codes, name codes, a patterned series of bells can all get your employees’ attention when it’s needed so they can get to safety. Be sure that employees are well trained so they are able to respond quickly no matter what dangers may arise.


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