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BOS Security Officers: An Extension of Your Property Management Team

BOS Security Officers: An Extension of Your Property Management Team

When people consider the place of security officers, they might, at first glance, think of a guard checking ID at the front desk or patrolling the property to look for threats. While this is an essential part of their duties, they can also be a critical part of your property management team. Particularly in the case of class A buildings, visible and engaged security officers can enhance the perception that your property is a secure one and can be a key deciding factor for businesses with high expectations in choosing your site over another.


Building Trust on Property

People will often talk to security personnel – they can act as additional eyes and ears to assist with the overall management of the property — an extension of the property management team. Security officers who are seen as an asset to building tenants will be trusted. Tenants, employers, and visitors who notice people or things out of place may be willing to report them so they can be investigated or otherwise addressed.


The BOS Difference

Our Officers

Our security officers take their jobs seriously. They understand their appearance, demeanor, and behavior reflect on your property, BOS Security, and their own pride in their job. Their goal and ours is to keep your property secure to make it a high-demand location. BOS Security never cuts corners when it comes to attracting high-caliber security officers. We provide ongoing training that exceeds state and federal requirements and ensures every officer is prepared to respond quickly to anything that should arise. We only select and retain security officers who are professional, dedicated to their jobs, and display extraordinary attention to detail.

Our Service

We begin with a complete assessment of your property, security needs, and current security plan. Our assessments are conducted by an experienced management team with a background in law enforcement. You will work directly with a senior manager who will be available to you 24/7.

Our Experience

We have a proven track record of delivering top-caliber security services, including vetted, experienced, and trained officers and state-of-the-art security technology. With close to 30 years of experience, there is virtually no security issue we have not encountered.


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