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BOS Security Insights: 2020 Officer Training Report

BOS Security Insights: 2020 Officer Training Report

Hiring exceptional security guards is essential, but it’s only part of the equation in building and maintaining a top-notch security staff. Ongoing training is critical. Security professions need to keep their skills sharp and prepare for new dangers that arise. At BOS Security, we make training a top priority including firearms training, defensive driver courses, and other specialized training such as workplace violence response and disaster preparedness.


COVID-19 Put A Damper On Classroom Training

Last spring in-person classroom training had to stop due to the pandemic. The plan for 2021 is to get back into the classroom for mandated and in-service training. Until then, we will rely on online training. We will always have a combination of in-person and online training for things like new or updated policies.


How Much Training Did BOS Guards Get In 2020?

In 2020, we provided 2469 hours for our employees – both active and inactive guards. Active employees were given 1821 hours of training or an average of ten hours per employee. All active Georgia and South Carolina employees are currently within state training standards.

The classes developed and presented online to security personnel included:

  • BOS Security Use of Force Policy 2020
  • BOS Security Body-Worn Camera Policy
  • BOS Security Training Policy
  • BOS Security Uniform Dress Code Policy 2020
  • Protection and Prevention of COVID-19 for Security Officers
  • Safety in the Workplace 2020

All BOS employees were required to attend online sexual harassment training and pass a test on the training. This training will be an annual requirement for all BOS company employees.

BOS Security Insights: 2020 Officer Training Report

Do BOS Security Guards Receive Firearms Training?

All our armed guards are trained and qualified. All armed officers passed independent psychological evaluations. In 2020 nineteen officers qualified with an average qualification score was 82%. Four officers shot 90% or better. The state minimum is 80%.

This year we added the TI Training Firearms Simulator. Fifteen officers have trained on the system in 2020. As of November 2020, all officers are required to schedule one-hour of paid training every two-month cycle.


Defensive Driver Course

Nineteen employees from the three BOS companies have completed the National Safety Council (NSC) Defensive Driver Course online for a total of 38 hours of online certified training.


Sharing Security Knowledge

In addition to the training our employees received, principals of the company traveled to various locations to provide thought leadership and advice at various client locations.


Is Your Security Team Full Trained?

When you partner with BOS Security you can be confident that you’ll have well-trained, professional guards. Whether you need a front desk guard or a complete security solution, we are here to help. If you would like to schedule a security consultation, please contact the experts at BOS Security today.

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