BOS Security Officer Assists in Medical Emergency

BOS Security Officer Assists in Medical Emergency

Security Officer responsibilities can include patrolling property, providing property access to authorized individuals, monitoring surveillance equipment, enforcing site policies and local laws, and much more. A security officer is tasked with deterring criminal behavior, reporting irregularities, and observing for suspicious activity, but they are also expected to respond to any and all emergencies that might… Read More »

How Are Security Officers Trained To Handle Various Situations?

How Are Security Officers Trained To Handle Various Situations?

Security officers are essential to any business or organization’s security plan. They are responsible for safeguarding the property and people on the premises, which often involves handling various situations that may arise. But how are security officers trained to handle these situations effectively? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the training… Read More »

What Type of Security Services Does My Business Need?

What Type of Security Services Does My Business Need?

For any business owner, security is a top priority. But how do you know what you need and what you don’t? It’s essential to have measures to protect your employees, customers, and assets. But with so many different security services available, knowing which ones your business needs can be challenging. In this blog post, we’ll… Read More »

Armed Robbery Stopped by Remote Video Monitoring

Armed Robbery Stopped by Remote Video Monitoring

Outdoor assets and parking lots can be particularly difficult to secure, especially outside of business hours. You can hire 24/7 physical guards, but there are limitations to their view and ability to intervene safely in dangerous situations. After thirty years of experience in providing physical guard services, BOS Security introduced our remote video monitoring solution,… Read More »

How Virtual Security Guards Can Enhance Physical Security Guard Services

What to Look for When Hiring a Remote Guarding Officer for Your Business

For businesses, security is a top priority. However, hiring and managing physical security guards can be expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, there’s a solution: VirtuGuard™ virtual guarding. Virtual guard services are a cost-effective alternative or supplement to physical security officers, and they can enhance the security of your business. In this article, we’ll discuss what virtual… Read More »

What I Do Matters: Denise Brightwell

What I Do Matters: Denise Brightwell

Inez “Denise” Brightwell has over forty years of combined experience in the security industry. As one of BOS Security’s longest-serving employees, Denise takes her work seriously and cares deeply for the client she serves.   For thirteen years, Officer Brightwell served in the United States Air Force under the Law Enforcement and Security division. She identifies… Read More »

VirtuGuard™ Identifies Vandal in Apartment Community

VirtuGuard™ Identifies Vandal in Apartment Community

In the early morning hours of December 28, 2022, at a student apartment complex in Athens, Georgia, suspicious behavior was captured and deterred by VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring. The security cameras on the property, equipped with Artificial Intelligence technology, were triggered at 3:23 am by a male walking into the mail room. VirtuGuard™ Agent Hunter… Read More »

A Year in Review: BOS Security’s Most Popular Blogs of 2022

A Year in Review: BOS Security's Most Popular Blogs of 2022

As we looked back on the past year of offering advice on keeping your people and property safe, we noticed five blog posts that stood out as the most popular. The results were not surprising because our clients are very open with us about what’s most important to them. It’s a great reminder of the… Read More »

BOS Security Officer Awarded for Lifesaving Efforts

This past August, BOS Security Officer David George was completing his regular responsibilities at the Athens-Clarke County Multi-Modal Transit Center when a transit operator lost consciousness and wrecked his bus in the loading bay. Officer George responded to the area immediately, assessing the situation and administering CPR to the man. As they were waiting for… Read More »

What I Do Matters: LaSonja Hunt

A photo of LaSonja Hunt beside a quote that reads "What I like about this job in particular is that I get to serve the people. And that's what I am, I'm a servant."

LaSonja Hunt has a passion for serving people. Whether that be her family or clients, she has dedicated her life to taking care of others, doing it all with a comforting smile on her face. LaSonja has been a security officer with BOS Security for a year now, bringing her servant’s heart along with her… Read More »

BOS Security Celebrates Cape Day 2022

Each year, the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta celebrates Cape Day, an annual tradition that encourages the community to honor and celebrate the patients fighting illness and injuries at CHOA. Participants can donate or sponsor a cape for a patient, as well as create team donation pages to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta… Read More »

What I Do Matters: Torian McKnight

Born and raised in Roswell, New Mexico, Transportation Security Officer Torian McKnight is dedicated to ensuring the safety of each passenger who comes through his home turf. As a Screener at Roswell Air Center, Officer McKnight monitors flyers and their possessions before they board their flight. After working as a TSO for three years, including… Read More »

BOS Security Introduces New Golf Cart Training for Officers

BOS Security specializes in residential security for communities in the Southeast United States. BOS Security experts work directly with these communities to customize and enforce a security plan that suites the needs of the management, residents, and visitors.   Our in-house training manager works closely with each officer to ensure they have the proper training and… Read More »

Exploring the Benefits of Pole-Mounted Security Cameras

Exploring the Benefits of Pole-Mounted Security Cameras

If you’re debating adding pole-mounted security cameras to your security strategy, you may wonder if there are any advantages or features you may not have considered. Here are a few of the top benefits of pole-mounted security cameras.   Portability. Pole-mounted security cameras can be set up virtually anywhere. You don’t need electrical access because… Read More »

What I Do Matters: Tanya Falcon

Tanya Falcon is a nurturer at heart, offering protection and support as an on-site security officer at the Presbyterian Village Senior Living Community in Athens, Georgia. Officer Falcon is very fond of the residents, taking the time to get to know them personally, offering a listening ear, or just putting together a puzzle with them… Read More »

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