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Can Your Tax Refund Help Pay For Security Services?

Can Your Tax Refund Help Pay For Security Services?

While most businesses try not to overpay estimated taxes throughout the year, they sometimes end up entitled to a refund and they are certainly not letting it go to waste. If you received such a windfall or have other discretionary funds, putting them toward boasting security is a smart way to use them. BOS Security would be happy to discuss how you can get the most bang for your buck, but a great way to start is with these affordable (or even free!) security tips.


Control Building Access

Ideally, employees or others entitled to be in the building should be issued badges or key cards. Visitors should, at minimum, sign in. Better yet is issuing an ID with a photo or having them escorted by an employee. You should always know where in the building they are located at any given time.


Add Outdoor Lighting

A well-lit exterior is a great deterrent. Intruders prefer to operate under cover of darkness, so simply increasing the lighting, particularly in the parking lot and entryways. It will also give employees who work after dark a measure of confidence, which is always an advantage when you want to retain good people.


Keep Landscaping Trimmed

Chances are, you have a landscaping service mowing your lawn and handling outdoor maintenance. It wouldn’t take much more to have them trim back or remove any shrubs that create shadows or places for intruders to hide. Also, have a zero-tolerance policy for propping up doors. A momentary convenience can lead to a dangerous breach.


Educate Your Employees

Remind people to remove valuables from plain sight – ideally lock them up and put them away. Many thefts are crimes of opportunity. Warn them of social engineering dangers, such as being asked to hold open a door for someone with a friendly face who claims to have forgotten their key card. Put a password policy in place, such as using autogenerated password programs, changing passwords regularly, and above all, not putting their passwords on a sticky note on their desktops.


Add Security Cameras

If you have a bit of money to invest in security, cameras are a great place to start. There are various options, including visible ones for deterrence, discreet models for unobtrusive surveillance, motion-activated for energy conservation, or infrared to cover dark areas. Cameras can be monitored remotely 24/7 so that you’re protected around the clock without adding to security staff.


Create A Cost-Effective Security Plan

At BOS Security, we can help you stretch your security dollar while keeping your people and property safe. At BOS Security, we can help you stretch your security dollar while keeping your people and property safe. We would be happy to discuss the in-person and remote security solutions that will work best for you. If you would like to schedule a security consultation, please contact the experts at BOS Security today.

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