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The Benefits of Infrared Security Cameras

Infrared cameras can be a valuable addition to your security solution. They can fill any gaps left by your security guards and regular cameras. They work by measuring body heat, which makes them ideal for low-light or wooded areas. An intruder can use shrubs or shadows to hide from conventional cameras or the naked eye, but they can’t conceal the heat given off from their bodies. Unless it happens to be 98 degrees outside, they may as well be standing in an empty parking lot in broad daylight.

What can infrared security cameras offer?

Clear images

They provide black and white images that can be observed by a security guard watching a monitor inside the building or a remote security monitoring service that could be located anywhere.


Lower cost

Infrared light offers cost savings. It uses an LED light source that uses less energy and lasts longer, especially if the camera is mounted in a remote or difficult to access location.


Concealed observation

Infrared emits such a low level of visible light that it will be difficult for intruders to see and avoid. They are usually motion activated, further reducing the amount of energy used.


View in bad conditions

It’s not just full dark that makes these cameras useful. If you have an area to protect in a highly shadowed area, infrared is ideal as it is in foggy or smokey environments, of particular concern right now with wildfires raging in the west. It also mitigates glare from overhead lights or headlights that can blind traditional cameras.


Fewer false alarms

Some customers report fewer false alarms because of the accuracy and visibility provided by the infrared camera. You’ll be able to see a clear outline of a person when there is an intruder. You won’t mistakenly call building management or, worse yet, law enforcement for a raccoon that wanders onto your property.


Better ROI

Because infrared cameras have visibility into a broader area and a lower cost to operate, businesses can save on the cost of purchasing and maintaining equipment. You may also be able to manage with fewer guards on site, since the cameras can be monitored remotely.


Need expert security advice?

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