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Uniformed vs. Plainclothes Security Guards

What’s a better choice for your business – uniformed or plainclothes security? It depends on your goal. Uniformed guards can act as a deterrent. Thieves are on notice that they are being watched. For some, that’s enough to encourage them to move on to another business. Uniformed guards can be very effective against casual shoplifters looking for a low-risk soft target for theft. Plainclothes security’s strength is catching people in the act. If they are well-trained and excel at blending into other shoppers, thieves will let their guard down. They will be so busy trying to conceal their activities from the uniformed guard they won’t notice the plainclothes guard watching their every move.


Plainclothes guards won’t kill your vibe

If you are trying to create a relaxing shopping environment that encourages people to linger, you may not want to post a stern, uniformed guard on the premises that could make them shoppers feel as uneasy as it makes thieves. If you’d like to learn more about plainclothes security guards’ benefits, review our previous blog on the topic.


Uniformed guards can prevent nuisance loitering

Some stores just seem to attract teens and others who have no intention of buying anything. They are just there because they are bored or want to make trouble. They can steal or roughhouse, leading to damaging property or scaring away paying customers. 

A uniformed guard can be just the trick to minimize this kind of annoyance. Uniformed guards also project authority, giving customers and employees confidence and someone to turn to if any issues arise.


Both types can work well together

For many businesses, a blend of plainclothes and uniformed security is ideal. For example, an organized band of thieves may think they are in the clear if they have someone watching the uniformed guard. Meanwhile, plainclothes guards are taking it all in. Combining both plainclothes and uniformed guards gives you the best of both worlds to manage risk and prevent threats to your business.


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