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The Return of Physical Security Officers

The Return of Physical Security Officers

Over the past year and a half, businesses had to find a way to cope with the challenges presented by COVID-19. In some cases, that meant shifting to remote guarding to reduce the number of people in the building and improve social distancing. In others, security services were often guarding empty or nearly empty buildings because a substantial percentage of employees were working remotely.

Companies are Bringing Employees Back to the Office

While there is some doubt regarding when the pandemic will fully be behind us, companies are getting back to in-person business with certain precautions in place, such as requiring vaccinations or masks. Increased numbers of on-site employees, vendors, or customers mean the need for physical security officers returning to pre-pandemic levels. Now that people are returning to the office, businesses and security service providers recognize a need for more physical security to ensure the safety of the buildings people and maintain the property management brand. It’s essential that your property be seen as safe for those who work or visit there. The standards for Class A buildings are even higher. What can security customers expect to see from their security firm?

Security Visibility Increases Confidence

To foster a sense of safety, security officers must be highly visible. Engagement is also essential. Officers should take time to provide direction to patrons, verify vendor credentials, direct package delivery, control foot, and vehicle traffic, and communicate with property management. Security professionals should be flexible because their duties can change depending upon the needs of the day.

Physical Security Officers Respond to New Challenges

survey conducted by the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence discussed the physical security challenges and opportunities revealed in 2021 as America emerges from the pandemic.

Their answers included:

  • 38% COVID-19 recovery, vaccination verifications across facilities
  • 35% Managing office/facilities reopenings, return, and safety protocols, including vaccination verifications
  • 33% Effectively assessing physical threats
  • 32% Physical security threats to remote workers
  • 32% Regulation and compliance reporting
  • 31% Managing physical threat data
  • 31% Managing permanent hybrid/remote working, office work structures, and safety protocols

Handling these growing concerns without the help of physical security could prove nearly impossible or, at least, take up an inordinate amount of time managers could be spending on other priorities.

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