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Protection Through Remote Guarding: Class A Buildings

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Class A Buildings

Class A office buildings are typically among the most expensive and prestigious in the area. They have high-end finishes, state-of-the-art technology, and enjoy high status. Tenants of these properties have high expectations for every aspect of their rental experience, including security. For some, this may include attentive and respectful guards. Others may prefer a more discreet approach to protection. That’s where remote security can rise to the challenge. 


Tenant Expectations

Tenants in these buildings prioritize security because they want to keep their employees safe. They may also have industry-specific needs for a high level of security, such as intellectual property or sensitive data that needs to be protected. Financial or healthcare companies, in particular, may have a high level of expectation for security.   


Layered Security

In a multi-tenant building, the ground floor lobby is the first line of defense. Tenants will expect undesirables will be prevented from getting to the upper floors, whether they present a security threat or just have no reason to have access to the building. Layered security means if an intruder somehow bypasses a security officer, their actions can be caught by remote guards monitoring cameras. And because cameras are placed throughout the building, it’s unlikely anyone can evade them all.


Remote Guarding Solutions

While security officers are a desirable part of access control, remotely monitored cameras can do much of the heavy lifting. Tenants may not want security guards patrolling the guards or even inside their business suites, but cameras can be placed almost everywhere, often discreetly if clients prefer. They can be positioned where they can cover hallways, stairwells, elevators, and other common areas. It ensures there is no place in the building where tenants and their guests and employees feel unsafe.  


Exceed The Highest Expectations

Your Class A building tenants demand a great deal and rightly so. They are willing to pay a premium for a high level of quality and service. BOS Security and VirtuGuard™ remote video surveillance can help you to deliver. If you want to attract and retain these clients, get in touch with us today or learn more about BOS Security’s VirtuGuard™ remote guarding service here.

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