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Why 24-Hour Monitoring Is Saving Gated Communities

Gated Communities

While some people think of gated communities as exclusive, most people who live in one do so because of privacy and security.

Who wouldn’t love a place where solicitors never come knocking? Or a community with 24-hour security to keep you safe?

It’s true that some gated communities only have gates and electronic entry ways, but some go the extra mile with guards and 24/7 monitoring. This is what is setting these communities apart and making them increasingly popular.

Deters Crime Inside And Out

Gated communities are proven to have lower crime rates, but that doesn’t mean they’re automatically crime free. In fact, criminals often target these communities because they assume residents have more money and expensive items.

Another issue is sometimes crime doesn’t always come from outside the gates. Residents are capable of causing problems too. With 24-hour monitoring, gated communities become a much safer place because no one knows when someone might be watching them.

Posting the type of security and having guards on-site is a way to deter crime inside and outside. From having guards at entry points to having cameras throughout the community for remote monitoring, it’s incredibly difficult for anyone to get away with a crime.

No Downtime For Criminals

Gated communities that just have gates and entry systems aren’t going to keep determined criminals out. However, when residents pay more for a secure environment, they expect less crime. It’s too easy for criminals to hack an electronic gate or sneak in somewhere. Once they’re within the gates, it’s no different than trying to break-in to a home in any other community.

24-hour monitoring means guards are always watching. Remote monitoring and on-site guards leave no gaps for criminals to sneak in. Plus, trained guards vary their routines to further deter criminals. Basically, there’s never any security downtime to make it easier for unauthorized people to enter.

Constant Monitoring Gives Peace Of Mind

Approximately 10% of people live in gated communities, though that number is on the rise. The number one reason people are opting for gated versus open is security. Most communities already have alarm systems installed in all homes. However, this should serve as the last line of defense.

The first line of defense is typically gates that require a key card or special access code to enter. Some may also have a guard at the entry way to manually approve residents and visitors. This keeps out some people who don’t belong, but not all.

The most popular gated communities have constant monitoring. After all, an alarm is only effective when a crime is in progress. With 24-hour monitoring, it’s easy for someone to notice something suspicious and take action before an alarm is even triggered. This extra peace of mind for residents is well worth paying a little more.

Gates Alone Don’t Make A Difference

It’s true that gates do deter many criminals and annoying solicitors. However, they don’t deter everyone. As mentioned above, gates may actually encourage some criminals to target the community more.

It’s only with a combination of gates, alarm systems and 24-hour monitoring that a gated community is as secure as possible. Think about a military base for a moment. There’s always someone watching to keep residents safer. While gated communities aren’t military bases, the best ones take similar precautions.

Gated communities don’t have to be targets. In fact, they can stand as proof that people deserve the right to go bed at night without worrying about someone breaking in. They can also go on vacation without worrying if their belongings will still be there when they get home.

24-hour monitoring works to provide residents with the best security possible. Residents are able to inform guards when they might be on vacation, when visitors will be staying and even about schedule changes at work. This allows guards to better monitor who comes and goes. It also means guards will check-in if something’s not quite right with your schedule.

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