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Do Security Guards Prevent Crime?

One of the main reasons people install any security system is prevention. While a security camera might capture images of thieves, its primary job is to let people know they’re being watched. The same is true of security guards; they’re primarily there to observe, and to help deter crime.

But do they?

Guards Are Like Cameras, In A Way

Years ago, the Department of Homeland Security did a study on whether or not security cameras prevent crime. The findings? Cameras deterred crime, as long as people believed there was someone on the other end of that camera watching them. Security guards are a lot like that; as long as they’re visible, and vigilant, they act as a deterrent to a lot of crime.

It’s pretty simple, really. If someone is going to commit a crime, would that person rather go to the store with a dozen aisles and a single clerk behind the counter, or to a store with the same layout, but a camera system and a security guard? Opportunistic criminals will go to the less-defended place, because there’s a better chance of pulling off the crime. Criminals who aren’t opportunistic, but who are professional and who plan their jobs, will do the same, though.

It’s for a simple reason, too. Professional criminals don’t want to deal with more obstacles than they have to in order to get the job done. So the more security they have to evade or overcome, the less appealing the crime will be.

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