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How To Choose The Right Type Of Security For Your Small Business

Every business is different, so it makes sense that every BOS Security solution is different and varies depending on the company. For small businesses, on-site Security Officers can be lifesavers, literally, and can also help reduce insurance costs, prevent crime, and provide a safe work space. As a small business owner, you pour your heart and soul into your work, and BOS Security understands your commitment. BOS Security has professionals that can match your level of commitment with and develop a customized plan to provide the exact level of security your business needs.

The first part of any assessment by BOS Security is always to consult with the business owner to find out more about their business. Security needs vary considerably depending on a business location, real estate type, landscape, lighting/fencing, existing security measures, etc. If the business operates 24-hours, or is located in a vulnerable area, Security Officers are often best utilized at night. If, however, your business is an artisan shop or other small retail space, a single daytime Security Officer, armed or unarmed, is the perfect security solution. Every small business has different policies that determine whether they want a Security Officer to be armed or unarmed. Some retail businesses in safe neighborhoods don’t like the appearance of an armed Security Officer. They might believe it connotes danger and detracts from a luxury experience. If, however, the business is in a vulnerable area, or is a business dealing with extremely high value items, armed Security Officers are often desired, as they bring an increased capability.

Regardless of whether the Security Officer is armed or unarmed, all BOS Security guards are highly trained professionals that can respond to any small business emergency, including preventing or reacting to shoplifting and theft, monitoring intrusion/surveillance systems, providing a safe working and retail environment, and responding professionally to medical and fire emergencies.

One consideration that is unique to every different business setting is the number of Security Officers required for the job. A full assessment by BOS Security would be able to professionally determine the best number and course of action. If, for example, your small business is a car reseller or dealership that includes an office and parking lot, or you’re a small warehouse or other small commercial operation with considerable space, more than one Security Officer is often desirable. Though, if your business is a solitary retail location, a single Security Officer, perhaps monitoring surveillance equipment, is the ideal security solution.

BOS Security are experts in all manners of office and business security. As a result, our services are used by government agencies, businesses of all sizes, public venues, and more. No job is too big, and no job is too small for BOS Security. We understand that security solutions for small businesses are different from those for big corporations or government entities. Whether you need a single professional Security Officer for your daytime retail location, to deter and thwart theft while providing a safe and comfortable shopping experience, or an around-the-clock comprehensive plan for your growing storage, warehouse, or shipping business, BOS Security can tailor the security solution you need.

Day or night, professional Security Officers from BOS Security is what your small business needs to protect your assets, provide a safe working/shopping experience, fortify insurance claims, and aid in prosecution. We know that a small business means everything to the owner or owners, and we know how hard you work to keep your business succeeding. Protecting your business with security professionals is a crucial step in the maintenance and advancement of a business, so you, the owner, can focus on even bigger objectives. That’s why Security Officers from BOS Security bring advanced training and expertise to every job.

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