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The Importance Of Hiring Professional Security Guards Atlanta

Atlanta is home to many thriving business communities – freight, industrial, financial, retail, and more. In this business environment, the heartbeat of the southeast, it is important to have Security Officers safeguard your business interests. Improper or deficient security for your business can lead to reduced efficiency, rising costs as a result of theft, injury, illness, and worse. In addition, high insurance costs and a public uncertain of their safety can really hurt a business.

Fortunately, BOS Security has two decades of experience helping clients secure their businesses in the Atlanta area, and has the expertise that only a local security firm can provide. BOS Security knows the ins and outs of Atlanta, and has a professional understanding of the security concerns that businesses can face here. BOS Security knows that a retail business in Buckhead and an industrial lot off the 285 have different security needs. Through an assessment of the business, property, and area, BOS Security can develop a specific action plan for every individual business. Whether you’re a “Class A” office space, a small business, a freight lot, or anything else, BOS has experience providing highly trained Security Officers and customized plans to any business.

According to Crime Stoppers Atlanta, premeditated burglaries rise in winter months when there’s less light, fewer people walking about, and people taking Christmas vacation. These criminals are not opportunists, but instead carefully plan when to invade an uninhabited warehouse, building etc. This threat is magnified with vacant buildings where people might break doors and windows in order to enter the structure to escape the cold. Property damage, and theft of copper wiring and anything inside, is a very common result of these intrusions.

A full-time Security Officer can help your Atlanta business avoid being taken advantage of in these winter months for a variety of reasons. Security Officers can monitor and analyze surveillance footage from security cameras, use and maintain access control systems into your property, educate employees about security measures, and ensure proper placement and maintenance of security and intrusion systems. Additionally, a constantly vigilant and trained Security Officer from BOS can ensure a safe parking lot for your customers and employees, handle power outages that might damage your property or render intrusion systems inoperable, and generally maintain safety and security on and around your premises by constantly patrolling the area, equipped with RFID tags to monitor the Officer’s personal security and efficiency.

BOS Security’s Security Officers are highly trained professionals that often come from the world of law enforcement, the military, etc. All BOS Security Officers are trained to respond to any situation a business might face, whether that’s responding to a theft or violence incident, being ready for a medical emergency with full CPR-AED training, or acting first in a fire safety situation with professional knowledge in fire safety. Our Security Officers are more than a “security guard,” because they’re trained professionals that put their life on the line to safeguard people and property. Even unarmed BOS Security Officers are consummate professionals that demand respect and know how to act first in any safety or hazard situation. Only the best of the professionals in the security world become a Security Officer for BOS Security. Our Officers are respectful, professional, trustworthy, and constantly improving themselves and their craft. We are industry leaders in the Atlanta area and have the client list to prove it. Our clients include the US federal government, private banks, retail businesses, Class A offices, higher education, sporting arenas, and your business too.

BOS Security will be glad to conduct a complimentary security needs assessment for your business.  Contact us today!

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