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Why Your Event Team Needs To Work Closely With Security

Event Team

Your event team has a full plate when it comes to coordinating everything involved in major and even minor events.

One area they shouldn’t overlook is security. Whether you have your own security team already or are bringing in a security team, your event team must work closely with security.

To pull off a great event, security staff must work quietly in the background to keep everyone safe so they can focus on the event and not security issues.

Better Understand Security Risks

With everything that’s going on, your event team might be more worried about ensuring the audio works correctly or there’s enough seating for everyone. However, they might not fully understand all the potential security risks.

For instance, if a backdoor is left unlocked, unwanted attendees could sneak in and cause trouble. It could be something as simple as what happened at Lil Wayne concert in Atlanta back in the summer. A false shooting rumor sparked chaos, ending the concert early.

By getting security involved during the planning phase, your event team can create a checklist of potential security risks to better prepare. This allows them to plan the event around the issues, minimizing them.

Plan For Additional Security

When you already have your own security team or work with a security guard service, your event team may assume security is already well covered. By working with the event planners, your security team gets a heads up as to what’s involved.

This allows them to determine if any additional security is necessary. For small events, your current security staff may be enough. For larger events, such as a major business conference, would definitely require some additional security guards.

However, your event team doesn’t really know how many extra guards are needed. By laying out their plans, your security team is able to get everything in place to keep the event more secure.

Create A Safer Environment

During events, areas change drastically. From adding more people to changing the layout of a building, it’s vital to understand what’s changing so you can create a safer environment.

Your event team is usually focused on the event itself, not the side effects of making major changes to pull off a successful event. By working closely with your security team, the two can work to not only create a great event, but also ensure a safer environment.

For instance, your event team may want to use divider walls to section off different speakers or activities. Your security team would need to be involved to ensure security cameras and guards are able to still monitor everything the way the walls are placed.

Prep Your Security Team

One of the biggest reasons your event team needs to work closely with security is to simply prep them. How many people are attending? How long is the event? Are there any special effects, such as explosions or anything that may sound like a gunshot?

Your security team needs in-depth details to better understand their role in the event. For example, they might help with checking IDs as people arrive and ensuring attendees don’t go where they’re not allowed, especially if an event is coinciding with a normal workday at your business. They can also make sure attendees don’t try to pose as regular employees thanks to employee badges.

Learn How Security Teams Fit Together

For major events, you’ll need more than just your standard security team. For instance, Atlanta, GA recently held meetings with all major security and emergency management teams to plan security and safety for Super Bowl LIII.

Larger events may require local law enforcement, the fire department, emergency services and other security/safety teams. Working with your in-house security ensures your event team knows what types of security is needed and what other teams may be necessary for a better, safer event.

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