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Airport Security Services Examined

Airport Security is often seen as playing a pivotal role in keeping passengers, crew and airport staff safe. By enabling the smooth transfer of thousands of passengers and their luggage everyday Airport Security services really provide an essential service today.

Why Is There So Much Security?

Since the 1970’s terrorists and militant groups have been using commercial airlines and airports as a target for terrorist attacks. Hijackings and Bombings are the weapon of choice for terrorists looking to carry out their evil deeds.

Since then airport security has always been tight, but 9/11 is the monumental event that really woke us up, our security measures simply weren’t enough. It took a few men, warmed with box cutters to unleash terror on a scale America and the world had never seen before.

What security measures could’ve stopped them? According to the Department of Homeland Security around 700 million people travel on passenger airlines each year and with them they transport 700 million pieces of luggage and personal belongings.

These passengers, and their luggage all need to be screened and examined for potential risks to passenger and flight safety, and to potentially thwart any attempts to bring items that could be used as weapons to the plane.

While sometimes inconvenient airport security needs to be robust to keep us safe!

The First Line Of Defense

The first line of defense for an airport is the security of it’s grounds. Guarded entry and exit points are essential to locking down the site and monitoring traffic in and out. While the physical perimeter fencing plays an important role in ensuring there’s no unauthorized entry to the airport grounds.

Because of the risks of unauthorized entry, security needs to keep the perimeter of the airport safe, not just the passenger terminal and associated buildings.

Looking At Who Passengers Are

Identification is an important part of travelling, ensuring you match your passport is one important part of the airport process, and having security teams available to deal with attempted fraud until authorities arrive is very important also.

One of the most obvious ways terrorists might try to travel would be using false identification and documents so their detection and detainment becomes very important.

This measure helps guard against not only terrorism but other criminal activity too.

Utilizing Cutting Edge Technology

The buzzword is Biometrics, this means using advanced technology in fingerprint reading,retinal scanning and facial pattern recognition among others. By using our advanced technological advantage we’re able to provide better safety at the airport.

Metal Detectors Are Crucial

“Step through please” If you’ve ever been on a flight before I’m sure you’ve experienced the airport security metal detectors, a minor hassle for the rushed and late passenger, this is an essential part of the security process at the airport.

While it doesn’t catch everything, it’s truly a safety device. Ensuring passengers don’t bring on objects that aren’t safe to fly, this technology could prevent a mid-air emergency simply by keeping unsafe objects out of the plane.
Seeing Through Your Bags

Let’s not forget about the other airport essential, the X-Ray machine. Smuggling and hiding contraband or dangerous items on the person is one thing, but often there’s item found hiding in luggage that aren’t just dangerous items to fly with, but downright stupid too.

While most items that get extracted from your bags after the x-ray machine are innocent mistakes, there’s always the chance that one day those machines will detect a weapon that could save lives.

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