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How To Strengthen Residential Security In A Gated Community

Residental Security

Gated communities are well-known for providing a safer environment for residents.

However, it’s easy to strengthen residential security beyond just a gate and key cards. After all, extra security is always a good thing.

Keep residents more secure and prevent unauthorized access by combining standard security with security guards. It’s a combination that drastically reduces crime and vandalism.


Friendly Guards That Know Everyone

Gates are great, but they don’t offer a personal touch to security. Plus, it’s easy for someone to steal a key card or simply hitch a ride with a resident. With a friendly guard at the gate that monitors everyone who comes and goes, it’s much more difficult for someone who shouldn’t be in the community to sneak in.

It also helps for residents to get to know the security guards. It makes them feel safer and it’s easier for the guards to learn everyone’s habits.

Randomized Patrols, Especially At Night

If someone is trying to break in, they’ll carefully monitor the area to determine what security measures are being used. One great way to strengthen residential security is to have randomized patrols. When there isn’t a pattern, criminals have no idea when a guard might pass by.

This also works for crime within the community. Restless teens testing their boundaries might try breaking in to a neighbor’s home. With random patrols, they’re afraid they may be caught.

Remotely Monitored Security Cameras

Most gated communities have security cameras, but they may not always be monitored. In fact, no one may even look at them unless there’s an incident. This is where remote monitoring can boost residential security.

Remote monitoring involves having someone monitoring the cameras. If they notice an incident, they’re able to call for help immediately. For instance, if someone’s able to get past the gate, they’ll call police immediately versus police being called when someone’s security alarm goes off.

On-Site Guards To Quickly Respond

Combining on-site guards with remote monitoring is the best way to strengthen residential security in gated communities. The person monitoring contacts the on-site guards and they’re able to respond within a few minutes at most.

Police may take 10 minutes or more to get on-site and in larger gated communities, it may take another 10 minutes to get to a specific home. Having a quicker response time means less crime overall and safer citizens.

Maintain Security Measures Throughout Community

One of the main security measures within gated communities is the gate. However, that’s only effective if the gates actually work. Without someone monitoring the current state of existing security measures, it’s hard to know whether they’re even working.

For instance, what if someone breaks and the gate doesn’t lock when it’s supposed to? What if security cameras stop transmitting the feed? With security guards, you have a backup to other security measures and a way to constantly monitor whether anything needs maintenance or not.

Monitor For Risks Inside The Community

Crime doesn’t just happen from non-residents. It happens within the community as well. Residential security may not be as effective inside the community itself. When the focus is on keeping people out, it’s assumed that residents won’t cause any problems.

However, domestic disputes, vandalism and even theft occur from residents. This is why having security guards on-site is important. It boosts security within the community instead of just focusing on outside sources.

Even if the residents are perfectly behaved, what happens when they have visitors? The community has no idea of who may be visiting or what their intentions are. A new in-law, teenager’s date, sibling’s kids or anyone else could respresent a threat to the community. With security guards, someone is always around to monitor things, even within the gates.

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