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7 Reasons To Promote Security In The Workplace

Security In The Workplace

With everything that goes on in your business, sometimes security measures may fall by the wayside. You may have a camera or two, but not much else.

When you promote security in the workplace, you’re creating a safer environment for your employees and any clients/customers that come in.

If you’re on the fence about adding more security to your workplace, consider how prepared you currently are to handle security threats. Boosting security with security guards and/or remote guarding drastically improves your security.

1. Boost Employee Morale

Employees go into the workplace and expect it to be a secure environment. They’re focused on their jobs, not watching for security threats. If security is minimal at best, they may wonder if the workplace cares about them at all.

Promoting a more security work environment shows employees that they matter. This makes them happier and helps boost both morale and productivity.

2. Prevent Unauthorized Access

Whether it’s your main entrances or areas within the workplace, you likely have areas that aren’t made for everyone. Simply having a camera trained on the area or requiring security cards may not be enough.

It’s far too easy for employees to realize a camera isn’t monitored or to borrow someone else’s keycard. Having guards on-site ensures that only those authorized to enter an area are actually able to. It’s an extra layer to keep unauthorized personnel out of the workplace or restricted areas.

3. Reduce Costly Theft

Have you ever wondered how equipment suddenly goes missing, but there’s no sign of a break-in? While you’d love to trust every employee, sometimes they’re not trustworthy. When other employees find out there’s a thief among them, they don’t feel safe.

Having guards or remotely monitored cameras 24/7 prevents costly thefts of equipment, confidential paperwork and much more. It also shows employees that you’re serious about security.

4. Avoid Post-Employee Issues

Most employees aren’t going to make much of a fuss when they’re let go. However, you never know when someone might go from angry to a major security threat. Most workplaces aren’t equipped to handle an irate ex-employee coming back to cause trouble.

Security guards know what to watch for and will escort fired employees out of the building. They’ll also monitor to ensure they don’t come back to get revenge.

5. Double-Check Existing Security Measures

You may already have a few security cameras and locks on the doors, but what if the camera’s been bumped to a weird angle or someone forgot to lock a door? Promote security in the workplace by having someone that double-checks your existing security measures.

It’s far too easy to leave for the day in a hurry and not realize that the main entrance didn’t click shut and lock. Perhaps you have a security system in place, but forgot to set the alarm. Once again, security guards serve as a second layer to ensure nothing gets forgotten.

6. Protect Employees Coming In And Out

Security threats don’t just come from inside the building. In fact, many incidents can occur in parking lots outside of the workplace. Vandalism, theft and physical violence are all too common.

Keep employees secure as they come and go by having guards on-site to watch the parking lot and even escort employees to vehicles, especially late at night. No one likes to feel unsafe simply going to their car. This helps everyone feel much safer and ensures your employees don’t have to worry.

7. Keep Everyone Calm During Emergency Situations

While it’s something you hope never happens, emergency situations may occur, such as an ex-employee coming back with a gun or an organized group trying to rob the workplace.

Security guards are trained to handle these situations. They’re also trained in how to get innocent bystanders out of the way and calm them as quickly as possible. While everyone might still be scared, having someone who can take charge when the worst happens helps keep everyone calmer and reduces the chance of anything truly bad happening.

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