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Hospital Security – Patient Safety Tips

Hospital Security

Hospital security involves keeping patients and personnel safe. While security guards don’t actually treat patients, they often interact with them.

It’s important to use guards that are trained to work in the healthcare industry. This unique environment requires exceptional people skills and empathy towards patients.

While they do patrol inside and outside the hospital, there are quite a few things they do to ensure patients’ safety. When patients feel safe, they’re less stressed, even during a stressful time in their life.

Help Escort Patients

Hospital security guards are always ready to lend a helping hand to patients. For instance, they may help a patient get to the hospital from their car or vice versa. They may notice a patient that’s gotten lost in the hospital and help them find their way back to their room safely.

When patients arrive at night, they may not feel secure walking across the parking lot. Security guards can meet them and escort them inside safely.

Protect Patients From Security Incidents

Irate patients, angry family members and even distraught staff are all potential security risks. It’s far too easy for patients to get caught up in anything that may happen.

It’s up to hospital security guards to recognize incidents and respond quickly to maintain a peaceful atmosphere for healing. It’s often dangerous for staff to try and intervene, especially without security training. Guards know how to calm situations and detain problematic people until police arrive.

Offer Peace Of Mind To Patients And Their Families

The top priority of any guard in a hospital is to protect the premises. Since they are usually a highly visible presence, they’re able to offer a little peace of mind to not only patients, but their families.

No one enjoys going to the hospital, but having guards on-site makes everyone feel safer. At least if someone has to stay, families rest peacefully knowing that their loved one is being cared for not only by doctors and nurses, but highly trained security professionals as well.

Patients feel better knowing that when they have to drive themselves and leave their cars in the parking lot, someone is there to check on things. Plus, they know that they’re safer in their rooms, along with their belongings.

Sometimes all it takes is seeing guards walking the hallways and parking lots to prevent many security incidents.

Greet And Speak With Patients

Guards don’t always have to just focus on security. When patients are feeling anxious, guards are available to greet them, help them find their way, and just listen to the patients’ concerns.

Offering this extra comfort helps keep patients safer. They feel calmer and don’t get lost wandering around the hospital.

Even when patients are just feeling lonely in their rooms, having a guard come by and say hello helps to brighten their day. This could also prevent patients from wanting to get up and move around quite as much. Guards can also speak with family members and offer comfort during procedures while the family is waiting.

Work With Patients To Limit Visitors

One of the hardest parts of hospital security is the constant influx of visitors. It’s difficult to know who belongs and who doesn’t. For optimal patient safety, guards can work with patients to quickly identify anyone who shouldn’t be there.

For instance, if a patient notices someone on their floor that isn’t visiting anyone, they can notify the guard to check it out. Plus, when guards peek into rooms to ensure patient safety, they’re introduced to visitors, which helps them see who’s coming and going.

Even with the patient’s involvement, guards still have to work to carefully monitor everyone who visits. Luckily, they’re trained to look for identifying actions that may indicate someone who’s up to no good.

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