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Where Are Security Guards Needed?

Where Are Security Guards Needed?

You might be surprised how many types of venues can use a security presence. On-site officers, cameras monitored by remote guards, or a combination of the two can be a worthwhile investment. Security guards can prevent incidents or quickly respond to them. Guards can protect the people who live or work on your property, your products and equipment, and of course, the property itself. Here is an overview of just a few places that count on security guards for safety and peace of mind.


Government Agencies

Many local, state, and federal agencies rely on security agencies, including DHS (U.S. Department of Homeland Security), EPA(U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), and TSA (U.S. Transportation Security Administration). It’s a quick and reliable method of accessing trained, screened, and ready-to-work guards.



Security can come into play to keep students and teachers safe in schools or prevent vandalism at the location. The presence of an on-site guard can be positive for comfort and deterrence. Remote monitored cameras can extend the range and protection of these officers.


Class A Buildings

Add security officers to Class A office space to further elevate the desirability of already in-demand space. Augment security features such as secure entry and exit points with additional security cameras, paired with remote monitoring and well-trained on-site security officers with a commanding presence.


Gated Communities

Residents who choose gated communities have high expectations regarding the safety of their environment. Keep them happy by meeting and exceeding their expectations and upgrading their standard security with professional officers and virtual security guards.


Healthcare & Retirement Residences

Hospitals and other care facilities, including assisted living and nursing homes, require an online and virtual security presence. Patients can be combative, disoriented, or otherwise vulnerable. Narcotics and other drugs and equipment can be prone to theft. Visitors and staff must be protected. On-site and remote guards can ensure 24/7/365 security.



Events bring you in contact with many unfamiliar people and, if it’s offsite, an unfamiliar space. When you can’t easily look around and get a sense of who belongs and who does not, bringing in backup in the form of security can provide added confidence. A security team comprised of on-site security officers and diligent virtual guards monitoring from a central location can ensure a great event in a safe environment.


Apartment Complexes

A remote guarding service such as VirtuGuard™ combined with security officers in the complex can resolve common security issues for apartment community owners. Networked cameras, access control systems, and live monitoring by a team of highly trained virtual security officers can prevent or respond to theft, break-ins, vandalism, and trespassing.


Warehouses and Distribution

When it comes to warehouse security, it’s essential to protect your people, inventory, equipment, and data. Well-trained guards combined with remote monitoring can optimize your warehouse security and focus on running more efficient and profitable warehouses.



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