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Are Security Guards Considered First Responders?

Are Security Guards Considered First Responders?

Security guards help to keep people safe, but they are often the forgotten heroes of incident response. In many cases, they are the first on the scene of situations where they must decide if fire, EMT, or law enforcement presence is required or if they have the ability to resolve the issue on their own. Because they are assigned to the properties they protect, they are able to respond quickly, de-escalate issues, and sometimes, save lives. Consider the following circumstances under which security guards rose to the occasion as first responders.


Officers James and Elizabeth Hilton were first on the scene when a young man attempted to jump from an eighth-floor balcony. They were able to spring into immediate action, keeping him secured until the police could arrive to take him for a psychological evaluation. Situations such as these do arise and it’s important to have officers who are trained to respond. Their abilities, dedication, and responsiveness can save lives.


In circumstances in which emotions run high, de-escalation skills are essential. Training can provide a toolbox of problem-solving techniques, but in a high-stakes situation, there is no substitute for a security officer with the ability to think on their feet. Guards must be recruited for their ability to stay calm – and keep endangered or hostile persons calm – and trained to recognize and defuse difficult circumstances with patience and empathy.

Medical Response

Security officers can encounter events that have little to do with what most people would consider the typical guard’s duties. They may need to step in to preserve life and health. Training in CPR and other first aid techniques can be important in their ability to respond if they should come across an individual needing medical attention in their daily rounds. Of course, they will engage an emergency response team, but because they are on the scene, they must be capable of rapid response to save or stabilize the victim while awaiting their arrival.

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