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BOS Security Insights: 24/7/365 Security Coverage

BOS Security Insights: 24/7/365 Security Coverage

No matter where your security cameras are located, BOS remote monitoring services have you covered. With VirtuGuard™ remote guarding services, security professionals monitor your network-enabled cameras from our central operations center 24/7/365.


You Place Cameras, We Observe

Choose the type and location of cameras that best protect your property, Our team will be there to protect you around the clock. Combine motion sensing, heat sensing, lidar, radar, or other technologies to ensure complete coverage of your property. Use clearly visible cameras as a deterrent or concealed cameras for discreet detection. Remote monitoring is a cost-effective addition to your security strategy.


We’re Always Where You Need Us Most

Through our VirtuGuard™ services, our remote monitoring team is there for you 24/7/365, no weather delays, sick days, or tardiness. If you have a wide area to cover, hazardous materials to mind, or are in a high-crime location, remote security is an efficient method of keeping people and property safe and avoiding liability. Security professionals monitor cameras from a central location 24/7/365.

They can issue voice warnings to instruct intruders to leave the area or alert law enforcement as needed – all without needing to place an on-site guard nearby. You can save the cost of on-site guards or allow them to focus their attention on other parts of the property.


The Remote Security Advantage

Most humans are creatures of habit. Intruders know this. Security officers are likely to take breaks at the same time every day, patrol the perimeter in the same order, and have other habits an observant criminal may notice. Remote guarding can monitor cameras over an extensive area. Motion-activated cameras and lighting or infrared cameras can help eliminate blind spots.


BOS Security and VirtuGuard™ Have You Covered

The kinds of businesses that can benefit from 24/7/365 remote monitoring are virtually unlimited. We’ve experienced measurable results in areas including:



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Remote guarding provides 24/7/365, keeping your property protected around the clock. It helps businesses control costs, risks and exposure to threats. Want to learn more about how you can optimize your security coverage with virtual security guarding options, contact BOS Security and learn more about our VirtuGuard™ remote guarding services.

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