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Protection Through Remote Guarding: Healthcare Facilities

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities need to balance security and sensitivity. Everyone wants themselves or their loved ones to feel safe while under medical care, but they don’t want to feel like they are under lock and key. Remote guarding can offer the ideal solution. It is discreet, effective, and economical. Remotely monitored security can protect patients, visitors, and staff as well as keeping medications, medical equipment, and patient files secure. It provides quiet confidence for hospitals, health clinics, urgent care, and outpatient facilities.


Meeting Expectations

Medical professionals and healthcare staff going about their workday and patients and their loved ones at their most vulnerable all have the right to feel secure in the healthcare environment. In some cases, that may require armed or unarmed guards stationed at entrances, particularly the emergency department where emotions run high.


Layered Security Options

High-risk areas such as entrances and exits may require both in-person guards and a virtual security option. Security cameras are also a welcome addition to secure controlled substances. Motion-activated cameras can be placed in low-traffic areas as well as in parking lots and garages. Hospitals and many other facilities operate 24/7/365, which can be expensive to guard with on-site officers.


Remote Guarding Solutions

Remote guards work around the clock for a fraction of the cost, monitoring cameras placed in hallways, stairwells, elevators, and lobbies. Careful positioning can ensure there is no place in the building left vulnerable or unattended.


Build a Custom Security Solution

The security professionals at BOS Security can help you create a plan that is both thorough and economical while meeting all the needs of your hospital, clinic, or other healthcare facilities. Our top priority is helping you to create a safe and secure environment. Tell us about your goals, concerns, and any areas where previous incidents have occurred or areas you are worried could be a potential target.


Partner with BOS Security

BOS Security and VirtuGuard™ remote video surveillance can help you provide the security those who trust you deserve. If you want to keep your facility secure, get in touch with us today or learn more about BOS Security’s VirtuGuard™ remote guarding service here.

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