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Jobs in Security: Security Officers

Jobs in Security: Security Officers

Considering a job in security? You’ve come to the right place! BOS Security is one of the top security companies in Atlanta. We hire for security jobs all around the Atlanta area for all kinds of businesses. To be considered, you’ll need a high school diploma or GED and the ability to read, write, speak, and understand English.

Do You Qualify To Be A Security Guard?

The best candidates will have security, law enforcement, military, or other related experience or training. You’ll be required to pass a pre-employment drug screening test (and random drug tests if you get the job) and a background check. You must have a smartphone, a valid driver’s license, and reliable transportation.

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What Is A Security Job Like?

It can vary depending on the setting and level of risk, but once you understand the assigned position and any additional client expectations, your job duties will include:

  • Patrolling buildings and grounds on foot
  • Examining doors, windows, and gates to determine that they are secure
  • Inspecting equipment and machinery to ascertain if tampering has occurred
  • Watching for and reporting irregularities such as fire hazards, leaking water pipes, and security doors left unlocked
  • Permitting authorized persons to enter the property
  • Observing departing personnel to guard against theft of client property
  • Registering at watch stations to record time of inspection trips
  • Recording data such as property damage, unusual occurrences, and malfunctioning of machinery or equipment for use of supervisory staff
  • Regulating vehicle and pedestrian traffic at access points to maintain orderly flow
  • Warning violators of rule infractions, such as loitering, smoking, or carrying forbidden articles, and apprehends or expels persons engaging in suspicious or criminal acts
  • Sounding an alarm or calling the police or fire department by telephone in case of fire or presence of unauthorized persons

Ready To Apply?

Check out our job post for part-time security guards in Fulton County. If it’s filled by the time you read this post, don’t worry! We post new jobs regularly. You’re bound to find a position that’s just right for you. Learn more about available remote security positions or begin the application process at our job board.

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