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How to Reduce Blind Spots in Your Security Plan

How to Reduce Blind Spots in Your Security Plan

In previous posts, we have discussed how to eliminate gaps in your security plan. In many cases, this refers to vulnerabilities you may not have considered, such as the importance of training employees, so they are not fooled by social engineering or leave company data vulnerable through the use of unsecured personal devices. But careless security practices can’t always be blamed on your team members. It can be oversight attributed to anyone in the organization. These gaps can often be closed through remote guarding.


Start With The Obvious

It’s a no-brainer for most companies that they need access control, whether at the front desk, a secured gate, or both, but the further out from that center you go, the more blind spots you can find. Are there areas where high-value items could be concealed before leaving the building? Are there areas in the building or parking lots where an employee won’t feel comfortable working late? If a repair person or vendor signs in at the front desk, can you tell if they are remaining in the parts of the building where they are permitted?


Remote Monitoring Can Fill The Gaps

Careful camera placement can cover any hidden or vulnerable areas, so you have complete visibility into every part of your property. A combination of visible and concealed cameras can act as both a deterrent and means of detection. Best of all, remote monitoring is more efficient and cost-effective than adding guards to your security staff but still provides complete 24/7 coverage. Remote security experts watch all cameras in real-time from a central location. With remote security, you don’t have to worry about weather, absenteeism, overtime, or under or overstaffing.


Need Help Eliminating Blind Spots?

The options available are almost unlimited. Add concealed or visible cameras. Choose infrared or motion-activated cameras, armed and unarmed guards, and more. We’ll be happy to perform a full security assessment and make recommendations. If you’re hoping to eliminate blind spots in your parking lot or have other security concerns, contact the security team at BOS Security.

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